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Agents: How To Get Maximum Exposure and Why A Quality Portal Is The Key

Written by Realty Times Staff Posted On Sunday, 28 August 2016 18:10

Let's face it -- exposure is what makes or breaks a real estate agent's business. As long as people will live in houses, there will be listings, but you need to make those listings stand out if you want to get leads and convert them into sales. That means you need exposure, and lots of it.

The powerful online real estate portal Point2 Homes has 3.43 million monthly visits -- up by 39% compared to last year, and the numbers are growing constantly. That traffic gives you access to many more leads than was ever possible before the rise of the online marketplace by making sure your listings and services stand out in front of the right homebuyers and sellers.

You could argue that back in the times of the ad paper, it was easier than in this digital age. After all, listings were all focused in one place -- the local paper. Still, Point2 Homes has had 137 million listing views this year alone, which is more than any newspaper can promise nowadays.

Advertise in a smart and consistent way

You can really reap the benefits provided by the Point2 Homes search website once you become a Point2 Agent member. Statistics show that Point2 Homes has generated 26% more leads for Point2 agents in the past 6 months, and one of the reasons for that growth was the enhancement of the Featured Advertising options.

Just by being a Point2 member, you already get priority placement for your listings, but when you want to take things up a notch, Featured Ads are the way to go. With Featured Listing Ads your properties will stand out at the top of search results and they will be more visible to motivated house hunters. Featured Agent Ads work by highlighting your profile to potential homebuyers or sellers, and recommending you as the local expert and the go-to real estate professional.

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Go where the leads are

To get even more leads on an online marketplace like Point2 Homes, you need to make it easy for homebuyers to find you first. Point2 Homes will help you do that by sheer numbers alone, but filling out relevant and detailed information about each listing will give you even more of an edge over your competition. Make sure you offer:

  • High quality photos
  • Good descriptions of the respective homes for sale
  • Well documented lists of features

Last but not least, make sure you use the right category for each home you're listing, to show up in the right searches made by the right potential buyers. That's pretty much all you have to do, the rest takes care of itself and you get to be part of a platform which offers:

  • Priority placement on Point2 Homes, as a Point2 agent
  • 3.43 million monthly visits
  • 23.1 million page views in July 2016
  • 18,000 listings browsed every hour
  • 500,000 Agent-to-Consumer connections each month

Get the extra edge you need to stand out

You can get that extra edge at a discount during Point2's Summer Sale of those online marketing tools that will put your listings and services on Point2 Homes and right in the spotlight.

The Pro solution is discounted by $150 and offers not only full access to the Point2 Homes list of benefits and $1,000 worth of ads every year, but also a very strong set of online marketing tools for capturing, nurturing and converting leads.

The Elite solution is discounted by $300 and goes further, with a focus on brokers and team managers, but also serving enterprising agents with the best advertising package available on Point2 - $6,000 worth of ads each year.

Become a Point2 Agent member now, because this is a limited time offer which will end on September 2nd. The offer is only available by phone, so call 888-277-9779 or click here to find out more.

Point2 Homes is a leading consumer property search portal offering neighborhood-based search and rich listings content worldwide, with a focus on Canada and the USA.

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