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Pressure Free Real Estate Success

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In real estate you should have both short-term goals and long-range goals to be successful in any venture, business or personal. Here's a checklist to keep you on track throughout the year and help you achieve your long-range goals.

Make your purpose into your goal
First of all, establish your purpose. For example, many of us want to make more money, but we each may have a different purpose for doing so. For some it is freedom while for others it may be just to put food on the table. If your purpose is to spend more time with your family and more money will get you to where you want to be, don't make the mistake of working seven days a week. Sure you'll get more money but you've lost sight of your purpose haven't you? Make a list of your goals and make sure they are consistent with your life's dreams. If you need to, change your goals to match your purpose.

Convert your goal into activity
Once you have established a specific income or production goal, convert the goal into specific activities required to hit that goal. How many closed sides, how many listings sold, how many appointments to get those listings, how many calls to make, etc.? Once you break a goal into individual tasks you can now plan with intelligence. Divide your totals into the number of months you want to work this year and you have an easy system to follow.

Track results
Tracking results lets you experience progress. Progress keeps you motivated to continue forward. At any given moment you know exactly where you stand in relation to your goal. It is much easier on you emotionally to know you only need one more listing this month to stay on track than it is to look at the entire year and see that you are 29 short of your goal. When you achieve your monthly goals before the month is over, lighten up and enjoy the feeling of success.

Watch for detours
The two biggest detours on the road to success are adversities and thinking that you have to say yes to everything and to everyone. When adversities happen -- learn from them and move on. If you are behind on your success schedule then learn how to say no to others and delegate menial tasks that are unworthy of your time.

Schedule vacations
Vacations and time off are two different things. Everyone should have one to three days off on your weekly schedule, but also make sure to schedule planned vacations each year. Distance yourself from home, your business, and your problems. Vacations give yourself time to refresh, renew and rejuvenate your spirit.

Create accountability
The best way I know of to create accountability for yourself is to join an R-Mentor GroupTM. These groups provide structure and support to help you realize your goals and have the following characteristics where you:

  • meet at regular intervals
  • announce goals to your group
  • report your results
  • help each other stay on track
  • share your success stories
  • ask for advice

Daily affirmations
You've heard the old saying, "Whether you believe you can or believe you can't: you're right." Write down your goal in a positive statement and post it on the wall where you will see it every day. Read it first thing in the morning and read it right before you go to sleep. For example: I will sell 36 homes this year. Daily repetition will convince your unconscious that you will succeed and before you know it you will have achieved your goal.

Work what works first
Go with your strengths first. Do the things you know get results and then if there is time, experiment with the new. People frequently get off track when they forget the basics and try everything new that comes along. Don't reinvent the wheel-- do what you know to work first.

If you are feeling disorganized, pressured, or stressed out because there is too much to get done then reengineer your schedule.

  • Make a list of your daily activities and how much time each one took
  • Circle what could have been delegated
  • Cross out what could have been eliminated
  • Total up your potential time savings
  • Create a new schedule and stick to it

This process will free up hours if not days from your weekly routine. You'll feel better and your clients will be better served. Go to my website and download a free copy of the reengineering check list and the Focus Organizer TM.

Control activity and let go of the results
Reaching a goal is like playing a board game. You make progress one square at a time by doing the individual things that contribute to your success. Stay focused on your long term goal and realize you can't DO a goal but you can DO the individual activities that lead to achieving your goal. You decide what you do at any given moment so just do the #1 most important item on your list and let go of your worries.

When you know what you want and you know what road takes you there you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Take everything one step at a time and stay on track.

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