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There are many legalities to the home buying process. You will want to know all about that for sure, as you don't want to make any mistakes, slow up the process or get yourself into legal trouble. You will have a real estate agent behind you, or are you planning to go, rogue? When I purchased my property five years ago, I had an agent, but I also needed a real estate lawyer because I was buying a condo using owner financing. It's been established that there legalities to buying real estate, but what are they? Here are the three best legal tips for the purchase of a home and some bonuses.

Make no mistake about it, there are many different ways to buy a home, and some have various legal requirements, hence my hiring of a real estate lawyer to draw up owner financing documents. One thing you will want to know more about is the title process. Are you buying your property outright, or are you going to be financing the property like most people? Knowing about the closing process and the title is important. What do you need to know about title insurance?

Title insurance is only an option to protect you as the home buyer, but it is a good example of the many legalities surrounding the closing process and the title process. There are also many types of situations that can arise and make you feel a bit uneasy legally. What if you get all excited about a property and make an offer, but you end up having to back out? When is it too late?

To feel comfortable entering the negotiation process, you need to know this and all the other rules and legalities surrounding this part of home buying. At a certain point, backing out is a breach of the contract but not while you're​ making an offer. You also need to realize that you can have contingencies to the offer that you make to a seller. That is one way you can get what you want and protect yourself in the negotiations.

Obviously, everything needs to be in writing, and both sides are in jeopardy of breaching the contract at that point. The written contract is supposed to take you into the closing process, and you, of course, have also been setting up the financing on the side. That is another major part of the legal process for buying a home. Also, you have to get your taxes and insurance figured out as well.

If you end up in court, make sure you hire a high quality legal team to represent you. There will be additional costs in addition to the attorney. You will need to hire a stenographer or court reporter to record the proceedings.

Are there any repairs to be made to the property before you go through the closing process? Make sure you hold the sellers to making those repairs that are in writing. There are many other legal requirements and tips for home buyers, and that is one way an agent comes in handy as mentioned. Then you also know that you can reach out to a real estate lawyer if necessary like I did. Don't allow yourself to get tangled up in real estate law when all you're trying to do is buy a home.

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