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Top 4 Low-Risk Investments Offering High Returns

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 March 2017 14:24

Is your salary not enough to run your house or are you just looking to make more money to add to your retirement fund? In either case, you would like to invest your money in a place where the probability of a risk is minimum. You would want to secure your savings so that you can make more and use it for yourself or your family.

Here are the top investments which you can make. Some of them might not offer significant profits but the chances of risk are minimum:

Credit Care Rewards

By choosing a cash back credit card, you are actually earning points that will translate into real money. These rewards are more lucrative than any other means of earning and can get you a considerable amount of money. By spending more through your credit card, you can earn points which translate into money. You can use the gift cards or get the cash back. It is better to spend on the necessities through credit card like groceries, bills etc. so that one doesn’t feel that he or she is wasting money in order to earn more.

Certificates Of Deposit

You can get this really boring type of investment from any of the banks or even your investment broker. Through Certificate of Deposit, you deposit your money for a specific period of time with a guarantee that you are going to get the promised amount on your money after the completion of the period. The interest rate would not change no matter what happens in the banking sector or to the economy of the country. One can withdraw money from a CD by paying a penalty which is equal to 3 months’ worth of the interest.

Money Market Funds

These are the funds which are created to benefit those people who don’t want anything to happen to their principal amount. They offer a little bit of interest while utilizing the cash in a worthwhile cause. The goal of the fund is to maintain a Net Asset Value (NAV) of $1 per share. There are chances that the NAV might drop below $1 but it is a rare happening.

Municipal Bonds

When a local or a state government needs money, they do not use credit cards. Instead, they create municipal bonds and issue them to the citizens. These bonds are commonly known as munis and are free from the federal income tax. This makes them an apt investment for the people who want to minimize their exposure to the taxes. Most of the time, even income tax is exempted on these bonds but it is better to consult an accountant beforehand so that they can guide you whether the exemption is applicable in your specific state or not.

These are the safest forms of investment which will ensure that your principal amount stays intact while bringing some considerable profit on it as well.

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