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Oakland County Lake Estates

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 May 2017 13:50
Lake Homes in Oakland County- Fulfill your dream of owning a lakefront home here at Oakland County! Lake Homes in Oakland County- Fulfill your dream of owning a lakefront home here at Oakland County!

They say life is better at the lake, so why not live as close as you can get?


Buying a lake estate in Oakland County has its share of special considerations. If you want to make the best choice, you have to make sure you fully understand all the important aspects involved when buying a house on the water.


Size is one of the factors that you have to look into. This may play a large part in  your purpose for buying a lakefront property. If it will just be for you, your spouse and the kids, a small home will do. If you are expecting friends and family to come and visit during the high season, then you will need a larger home with extra bedrooms for guests.


The property should  provide comfort and offer enough activities to occupy you and your guests.


What are the things you will do here in Oakland County? Aside from water sports on the lakes such as fishing, swimming, and jet-skiing, there are alternative activities that you will surely enjoy. You can play golf, visit the amusement center, or just stroll in the park.


If you have guests, you can invite them for an afternoon of hiking, biking,  or horseback riding.


When purchasing a lake home, you also have to get specific information about the lake. Every lake is different. While one lake might be perfect for you, another might be completely unattractive.

Here are some good questions to ask when considering buying a lakefront home:


  • How busy is the lake during each season?

  • Is there any wildlife on the lake such as ducks or geese that could become a nuisance?

  • Is the shoreline sandy, rocky or muddy? How easy is it to access the shoreline from your home?

  • Does the lake maintain its water level or does it go up and down with the seasons?

  • How easy is it to get your boat in and out of the lake?

  • Are there any specific things that are not allowed on the lake?

  • Are there any local ordinances about noise or having parties in or around the lake?

Another thing that you have to take into consideration is the orientation of the home to the sun and how it sets. Check if the home gets morning or afternoon sun.


If you are getting afternoon sun, make sure the deck has sun protection.


When shopping for lake homes for sale in Oakland County, you have to know which conveniences are available, especially if you are planning to live in the home year-round.


Check the location of schools,  medical care, grocery stores, and dining options. You also have to know how easy it will be to get to major routes.


Even if it is intended as your vacation home, proximity is still important.


Typically, a vacation home should be just an hour or two away from your primary residence. This way, using the vacation home isn’t discouraged by a long and exhausting drive.


Living by the lake is a dream for many. Here at Oakland County, it can be your reality, as there are many lake estates to choose from. Visit and browse available lake homes for sale.


Let me explain to you the various  aspects of owning a lake home. Call me, Russell Ravary, at 248-310-6239 for more information.


I am a real estate agent in Minnesota who is an expert on lakefront properties. With my experience, we can work together and find the home that fits your lifestyle.

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