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Indiana Area Codes [Infographics]

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 May 2017 12:02

Indiana offers eight different area codes for its residents. It originally only needed three area codes, but a boom in population sparked the need to add the extra five. In 1948 the first area code split off of 317, which initially covered the the top two-thirds of the state. Although 317 and 219 covered a large area, a third area code didn't split off until 1997 when 765 was added. The 219 area code is associated with the Indiana side of Chicago. The 219 area code later split into three total area codes at the very top of the state. 

For around 70 years, 812 was the sole area code for southern Indiana. In 2014, the 930 area code was finally added to help with the growing population. The middle of the state is mostly covered by the 765 area code but does not include Indianapolis. This area code, covering 20 counties, is expected to be enough until 2030. In the very middle of the state are the 463 and 312 area codes. This region is the middle of the horseshoe shape of the 765 area code.

The last area code was added in 2016, about 70 years after the introduction of the 812 and 317 area codes. Fortunately, the eight current area codes of Indiana are expected to be sufficient for at least another decade. With the increase in growth in the state, it's becoming necessary to add area codes for the continually growing population of the state of Indiana. 

Indiana Area Codes

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