Top 3 Qualities To Look For In Real Estate Lock Boxes

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Even though they receive hardly any attention, lock boxes are actually one of the most important items that a real estate agent can buy. Lock boxes are designed to keep intruders and burglars out of homes while also keeping those homes accessible to the real estate agent. They are far more effective and secure than a standard entry lock like most homes already have.


When choosing a lock box, you will always have to choose between a manual or an electronic model. While manuals are cheaper, electronic lock boxes are definitely more secure. That being said, not all electronic lock boxes are created equally, and that’s why you need to know exactly what to look for.


Here are the top three qualities to look for in real estate lock boxes:


1. Proper Security

Since the whole point to lock boxes is to keep homes secure from intruders or any other unwanted people, security has to be the primary quality that you look for in a lock box.


While almost all lock boxes from reputable manufacturers are durable, some are still more durable than others. Some offer only one level of protection, while others will have double or triple protection, which would be far more desirable.


2. User Friendliness

The next quality you want to look for in a lock box is user friendliness. How easy are the lock boxes to use, in other words? Keep in mind, you’re not the only one who’s going to be using these lock boxes. Other real estate agents, homeowners, and listing agents will be using them as well. Therefore, ease-of-use in a lock box is something that other people will appreciate and not just you.


In the case of a manual lock box, this means there shouldn’t be an extraordinarily high number of digits to remember. In the case of an electronic lock box, this means it can’t be too difficult to figure out how to operate.


3. Affordable Price

Even real estate agents operate on a budget, and just as lock boxes can vary significantly in quality, they can vary in price as well. As noted above, manual lock boxes are definitely cheaper than electronic lock boxes, but they are also not quite as secure.


Therefore, your best bet will be to go with the most secure and user friendly electronic lock box possible that fits within your budget range. Some electronic lock boxes will also require a subscription fee due with the local networks, so keep this in mind when making your purchase as well.


Real Estate Lock Boxes

As you can hopefully tell by now, deciding which lock box you need is not a decision that you want to make lightly. A lock box allows you to show a home to a potential buyer without having to schedule things with the homeowner beforehand. If you are serious about keeping homeowner’s houses secure, then a high quality lock box is definitely an investment you need to make.


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