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Waterfront Properties for Sale in Oakland County Michigan

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 July 2017 06:57

For many, waterfront living is the ultimate real estate goal

Whether your dream house contains a fishing boat on your private dock or your very own river to walk along, it can be found in Oakland County, Michigan. People prefer this country as it is the home to more lakes as compared to others. More and more buyers indulge nowadays in waterfront properties for a laid-back lifestyle.


That’s why if you’re thinking of putting your waterfront home up for sale, now is the best time to do it. Demand is particularly high among baby boomers who are getting ready for retirement.  ​​


Things to remember when selling a waterfront property

Preparing your home is one of the most important steps towards achieving the best possible offers.


  1. Find a REALTORⓇ who’s a true waterfront specialist. A real estate agent who says selling a waterfront property is the same as selling a two bedroom ranch is not being honest or does not have any experience in selling waterfront properties.


A true REALTORⓇ knows the competition, knows how to sell the waterfront lifestyle, will sell your home with words, will tell you the waterfront properties ins-and-out and will sell your home with high quality videos or pictures.


The average agent won’t have the detailed knowledge of waterfront properties in your area to help you with information such as what kind of property sells fast make sure to talk to trusted friends and ask for referrals. Ask for as many tips as you can from sellers you know and have already sold properties successfully. Find someone who walks the talk.


2. Before listing your waterfront home for sale, make sure it has the best view of the lake from your house that is appealing to the buyer. Check your home view of the water multiples times from different angles. It seems like a very simple and obvious thing, but it is common to see waterfront property with an congested view of the water.  Clean up the yard and make it the best possible view.


The condition of your home’s exterior is most important when it comes to buyer appeal.  Ensure all trees, shrubs, bushes and make sure there are no obstructions blocking your gorgeous waterfront view. Also, make sure to clean your windows as this has a huge impact in showcasing the visibility to the waterfront.


3. A buyer of a waterfront property wants to see the dock. So make sure it is accessible. If it is difficult, it is possible they may pass on your home.  It’s a good idea to also ensure the stability of the dock is of high quality.  You don’t want an unsafe dock to be hindering the sale.


4. Check your shoreline cleanliness. It’s important to tidy up the cleanliness of your shoreline at your waterfront home before selling. No buyer will want to see a seaweed infested shoreline. It’s a major turnoff.  


5. The home's’ curb appeal is very important. It’s what gives potential buyers their first impression. Waterfront properties that are being sold in Oakland County are often inquired about from a boater who may be taking a ride around the lake.  Some buyers also like to take a tour around the lake.  Put up a for-sale sign both in front of your house and on the shoreline. If a waterfront property looks run-down from the water, it can turn-off a buyer right away.


Are you ready to sell your waterfront property in Oakland County Michigan?

Selling a waterfront property does not have to be rocket science.  With accurate and wise tips on how to sell it better and with the proper execution, you can be assured the process will be stress-free and successful.


Call me today, Russ Ravary, at 248-310-6239. Experience the professional expertise I give every home seller and buyer. I know each property is unique and needs to be sold or bought differently.


I have 11 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage field. I have negotiated some good prices for homes and helped quite a few first time home buyers get their first home.  I have also helped some of my clients make a more informed decision by getting a good inspector, and have helped people take a step back when the house they wanted to sell or buy was overpriced.  


I am the professional that can give you sales information, and comparables so you can make a sound decision.


I hope that I can earn your trust and friendship.

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