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Five Benefits of a Detached Garage

Written by Posted On Friday, 18 August 2017 14:27

These days, many homes come with attached garages. Yet, there isn't any question that there are a multitude of benefits for detached garages. Just imagine all the uses for detached garages. You can even build one yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

All the Many Uses

Detached garages are insanely versatile. Retailers like Carports and More sell models that can be used as a man cave, a she-shed, a work space or anything else you can come up with.


Moreover, it's nice that it is away from your home to help deter any associated noise. And, with a steel carport or garage kit, you can set it up in just a few hours.

Extra Storage

One of the main advantages of a detached garage is you get extra storage and space. There are many lots that lend themselves to housing a detached garage.


Plus, you can expand them as needed. This is so much easier than trying to expand an attached garage.

Curb Appeal

Unlike an attached garage, you can place your detached garage anywhere you see fit. This can be in front, on the side or at the back of your home. As a result, you can maintain and enhance your curb appeal.


Plus, you can ensure you have more of a curb to greet visitors. Instead of large garage doors taking up your home's facade, with cars sitting in front, you can set your detached garage out of sight.

Boost Privacy

Since a detached garage can be placed anywhere, it gives you additional privacy. You can use it to cover patio seating or even as a special spot for your pets to play.


Sometimes, homes are built so close together your neighbors can watch you from their backyard. Isn't the reason you own a home is to have your own space?


A detached garage can give you that extra privacy you deserve.

Safer Option

In attached garages, you may store a wide variety of items from paint cans and spray cans to propane tanks. Since the garage is attached, those toxic fumes can be harmful to your family and friends.


The same is true of vehicle fumes. They can certainly leak into your home from an attached garage. Not to mention, there is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning from vehicle exhaust.


Perhaps these seem like small inconveniences or details, but there is no such thing as being too safe. With a detached garage, you can keep those harmful fumes far away.

In Conclusion

A detached garage is truly necessary to provide added space and privacy. Plus, it has a wide variety of uses—for more than just a carport. You might be surprised at all the ways you can utilize your detached garage.


What’s more is you can place it anywhere you want. As a result, you can enhance your curb appeal and store your items in a place that is more convenient to you.

In addition, you don’t have worry about your neighbors trying to figure out what you’re doing.

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