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Energy Efficient Solar, Gas and Tankless Water Heaters

Written by Posted On Saturday, 23 September 2017 09:17

The tankless water heaters are more efficient and more reliable than the water heaters with the tank. They do not need the tank to store the water first and then warm the stored water in the tank before use. It is directly connected to the tap when you turn on the tap the hot water starts flowing instantly. In this way, you can get the required amount of hot water without waiting or wasting your time.

The tankless water heaters work efficiently and instantly. The high-efficiency electric water heater commonly used in the cold areas. People install the electric water heater to their bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry for bathing, washing pots and washing clothes. Many people also install the energy efficient gas water heater to their house. They might install more than one tankless water heater to their house according to their use.


Benefits of tankless water heaters:-

There are many advantages of the tankless water heaters. People prefer the tankless water heaters because they work efficiently and instantly.


Easy to install:

The tankless water heaters are easy to install. They just need an expert plumber to make its connection with the taps in the right way. The taps you want to connect with the tankless water heater to make the water hot is the easy job. You just need to take care that the burden you put on the water heater can make its speed slow. So install separate water heater to the tap that you use too much in the routine.


Prompt working:

The tankless water tankers are directly attached to the tap. They make the water hot instantly when the connected valve is turned on. It lessens the burden, and you don't need to wait for the storage of the water. The stored water in the tanker needs to get warm, and this process is time taking. So, it is better to install the tankless water heater because it is energy efficient.


Energy efficient:

Different types of water heaters use too much energy when they are working. The tank water heaters also use too much energy because it makes all the water of tank hot. The tankless water tankers have the advantage that it only heats up the water that is flowing from the tap. So, it only heats up the water that we are going to use. Therefore, it is energy efficient water heating system.  


Easy maintenance:

The maintenance of the tankless water heater is effortless. When you use the water heater on a daily basis, it needs support after a month, but if you use it weekly, then it needs maintenance after three months. For its repair and maintenance you need to disconnect it, and after that, you need to see if there is any rust then clean it properly. It will make the water heater work for an extended period.


Cost variation:

The tankless water heater is not of the same price. Its price varies for different models of the water tankers. You can easily get the tanker according to your affordability from the full range of the water heaters.


So, from the above, we can conclude that the tankless water heaters are more reliable and energy efficient than that of the water heaters with the tank. Therefore, it is better to install the tankless water heaters to save the energy and to get the better working appliance.

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