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This Old House - Do-it-Yourself

In 1983, A House Was Destroyed & A Presale Home Was Created! It Was a Rewarding Experience . . .

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 04 October 2017 02:22

This is the story of an actual real estate transaction that took place back in 1983 in a suburb of Seattle. It is an example of one way to sell a new presale home that fits the exact needs of a customer. This article is written in the first person out of simplicity, not because of my ego. Ego is something I don’t have and never needed.

The referral. A young couple was referred to me by a friend of theirs. I met with the couple and found out that they owned a small older home in a nearby town. They were interested in finding out what kind of house they could afford and whether we had a building site that was available. At the meeting they revealed their approximate incomes so I could give them a price range of where they would qualify with a mortgage lender.

The challenge. There were certain features that they wanted in a new home but they realized there would be some restrictions because of their budget requirements. This means they were not rich.

The building site. The couple was used to living in a private setting as they had lived in the same place for a few years and the property was about one half acre with Evergreen trees. I was experienced in scouting building sites so our home building firm had a few different choices that could work for this couple.

The old house. In the process of evaluating their needs in a new home I made an appointment to preview their present home and property. After previewing the site I asked the couple if they liked the location of their present home. Their answer was yes. Can you guess what happened next? If your guess was that we destroyed their house you are right. We destroyed their old house so the couple could get a new home that was just what they wanted on a building site they already loved in an ideal location.

The new home design. A meeting was set up between a reputable residential home designer we knew and the home buyer prospects. The original concept was to design a house that was about 1500 square ft. In the coordination process the home design turned out to be about 1900 square ft. It was a Victorian flair design with good street appeal.

The destruction. Our construction crew had fun destroying the old house and hauled away all of the remains.

The building process. The new home was completed within 90 days. It had lots of character, a large covered front porch, and had stained hand-rubbed millwork to accent the grain and bring out the beauty of the natural oak.

It was a rewarding experience. This presale home was built in 1983. The couple still lives there in 2017 and they have loved this home for 34 years. Looking back at this presale home and knowing the couple still loves it is VERY REWARDING!

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