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5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 October 2017 20:13
5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents 5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

We live in a digital world. Regardless of what industry you look at, technology is a part of daily life and the Internet is an even bigger part. If the industry you work in is real estate, adapting to a digital world is the only way to survive—and thrive.

Marketing has certainly changed for real estate agents over the years. No longer can one simply rely on word of mouth to create a solid client-base. With the ease of the Internet bringing a ration of real estate agents right into potential clients’ living rooms, staying afloat in today’s industry requires some creative thinking.

Learning to use the Internet to your advantage is the best way to ensure you are ahead of the crowd and on the forefront of the industry in your area. Creating a client or potential client-mailing list is a great tool to use to keep your name in everyone’s mind and is a way to solidify your authority in the industry in the eyes of your clients.

Here are five email marketing tips every real estate agent should know!

Always Offer Quality

Quality over quantity is a theme that any real estate agent should keep in mind when creating effective email campaigns. While you want to stay in the forefront of your clients’ minds, you don’t want to inundate them with garbage. Providing your clients with useful, engaging material is worth so much more than overloading them with old or frequently posted topics.

A great way to ensure you are creating quality posts is to stay involved in the local community. Local content helps to show that you are aware of your market and will help to build a relationship with potential buyers who may be from out of the area. This type of content can also be helpful in keeping current local residents engaged in your emails by providing them information they may want to be aware of in their area. Include local community news, business reviews, properties for sale, local events, and information regarding local niche groups.

Don’t Forget About Relevancy

Compiling a mailing list is vital, but the key to successful email campaigns is to keep relevancy in mind. Use categories to group your mailing lists to help with email targeting. Investors won’t be interested in DIY home décor tips or large tracts of land recently listed and residential buyers won’t be interested in investment market tips or apartment complexes for sale, so keeping your audiences engaged comes down to knowing who you are talking to.

Use Templates

When compiling your email campaigns, make sure to use email templates to help organize your information and create a professional look. Choose your templates carefully, though. You want a modern yet minimalistic style that is appealing but not overwhelming.

Templates can be found through office software programs and online email marketing companies.

Call to Actions

A Call to Action is a piece of content that is created solely to encourage a reader to take an action. These are usually seen in the form of “buy now” or “click here” but can take many different forms. You want to be cautious when penning these types of emails, as you don’t want to come off as sales-pitchy, but a Call to Action can actually be a very useful form of email marketing. Always try to pair a Call to Action with an informative blog post or an appealing real estate offer.

Don’t Overdose

The key to keeping your email mailing list full is to be wary of how much content you’re sending out. You want to keep your emails relevant but not overfull to ensure your readers are making it all the way through your message instead of losing interest half way. You also want to make sure your messages are being opened—so don’t flood their inboxes with constant campaigns either.

A great way to handle this is to actually ask your mailing list how often they would like to hear from you. You can also ask for requests regarding what information they would like to receive from you the most and what they aren’t interested in. This will give you a greater understanding of what campaigns engage your clients the most, which will in turn make your campaigns the most viable.

Email is a highly effective tool for real estate agents of all experience levels, as long as it is utilized correctly. A blend of catchy subject lines, solid email structure, striking visuals, and efficient calls to action will help capture your audience’s attention and will drive your business. While not everyone on your mailing list will become a client themselves, they create a solid foundation that will give you a grassroots reach much larger than you could achieve on your own.

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