How to Choose Rotary Cutting Mats, Rulers, and Cutters

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Overview to Rotary cutting tools
The rotary cutter is a time saver for quilters.
Rotary cutting is one of the most time-saving skills a quilter can master because it eliminates the need to mark and cut individual fabric patches. The rotating cut not only accelerates the quilt assembly, if it is done correctly, it will definitely improve its accuracy.

Rotary cutters resemble pizza cutters, with an important difference: their blades are sharp so they can cut the fabric. I will never forget how frightened I was many years ago when my seven-year-old daughter came to me crying, with blood-covered hands. She had found a new rotary cutter, which I thought was hidden safely, opened the package and proceeded to cut construction paper. Fortunately, his cuts were not deep.

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Many styles of rotary cutters are available, all with different shapes of handles and a variety of protective sleeves. In general, larger rotating blades allow you to cut more layers of fabric at a time, but cutting too many layers at a time can destroy your accuracy, so you should practice long before stacking many fabrics.
Replace the swivel blade when no longer makes a quick, clean cut through the cloth.

How to choose a rotating cutting mat for quilting

Rotary Cutting Mats
The quilting fabric is cut into a special swivel mat. The mats are slightly rough to help grab the fabric and are made of a material that protects the rotating blade and prevents it from being opaque too fast.
Most rotating mats are autocycles, which means that any notch that the blade leaves while passing on the carpet is not permanent. Some mats are rescindable, with a dark side and a clear side that lets you select a color that differences with the material you are cutting.

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Most swivel mats are marked with a grid, which provides a good general guide for the placement of the fabric, but is not accurate enough to measure the cutting strips: you will need a rotating ruler for that task.
Purchase the largest carpet that you can afford to adapt to your work area, as large mats make it much easier to cut the fabric into strips.

Because they are easily deformed, keep your rotating mats away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

What Rotary rules do you need to make a quilt?

Rotary rules
It will use transparent acrylic rules to align the fabric and hold it firmly against the cutting mat. Choose rotating rules marked with very thin lines. It is much easier to align the edge of the fabric accurately under a narrow line than to guess where it is under a wider mark.

There are hundreds of types of revolving rules. Start with the basics and add to your collection as you discover which spinning rules work best for your needs.
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