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5 Things to Check in Your New Home before Moving In

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 21 November 2017 23:05

A couple points at a spider on the ceiling of their new house before they move in.

Moving into a new house is something that you will do several times in your life. Therefore, it is important you avoid problems that may arise after you move in. Here are five things you need to check before you move in your new house.

Power Connections

It is important you disconnect the power the previous tenant was using and reconnect it using your own details. It is simple to do this—just call your energy supplier and give them your preferred connection date, address and identification details. It is crucial you do this before you enter the new house so that you can avoid being charged for the energy that you have not used.

Condition of the House in Terms of Tidiness

Check if the house is cleaned up to your standards. If it is not up to your standards, ask the landlord to hire a professional cleaner to clean it. A thorough cleaning should be done in the kitchen and bathroom. Carpets too should be cleaned. Cleaning will get rid of germs, pests and bugs that may cause diseases and scare your children. You should also check the walls to see if they need to be painted.

Plumbing Leaks and Sewer Pumps

It is important you check the piping system in the new house. One effective way to check whether the system is in good condition is it to look at the water meter at intervals of three hours. If you see any changes in the readings, then it could mean there is a leak somewhere. Call the plumber to fix the problem immediately. Besides water pipes, you should check the sewer pumps and grease traps. Clogged grease traps and damaged sewer pumps can create a mess in your bathroom. If the pumps and traps are damaged, you need to contact a plumbing company who is specialized in grease trap and sewer pump repairs, such as Forrest Sewer Pump Service.

Get a Home Warranty

Before you move to a new home, it advisable you get a home warranty. A home warranty will cover the cost of replacements and repairs whenever the house gets damaged. It will also cover the cost of appliances and other systems that come with the house.

Check the Ventilation

Check if the house has enough and properly installed vents. Ventilation is key to a house since it helps in proper air circulation. This makes your house to remain fresh and healthy.

A new house may look in perfect shape at a glance. This is not often the case, as there are many hidden defects you will only discover once you move in. It is imperative you check the house for defects before you move in. Check the ventilation, the plumbing system, tidiness and power connections to be on the safer side.

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