5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Social Media

Written by Posted On Thursday, 23 January 2020 14:15

Social media is quickly becoming the most powerful marketing tool available. With a proper webpage and a decent following, you can reach hundreds of potential buyers, sellers, and partners. Social media draws attention to your website and business and allows you to make new connections.

Any real estate agent in Carmel, IN, can tell you that whether you're netting interested buyers or establishing a network of other agents, building an online profile is one of the first steps to expanding your real estate business.

If you're still unsure about spreading your reach onto the internet, here are some of the benefits of moving online. While business cards and real-life connections are still top priority, the internet can help you establish a broader audience - especially if you have a great real estate agent tagline.

Exposure. Both you and your clients can get more attention. Your clients benefit from having their property publicized, and you gain more business by getting your name out in the open. Both buyers and sellers use the internet to find what they want, so put yourself in their line of sight.

Reputation. An agent relies on their reputation first. Whether this reputation comes from word of mouth, a business card, or an online profile, you should work on establishing good esteem. On the internet, you can put your best foot forward and get clients interested in you.

Advantage over competitors. Believe it or not, the number of real estate agents on the internet is surprisingly low. If you get in on the ground floor, you can quickly establish yourself as a reliable business.

Loyalty. By making connections with clients and other agents, you can amass a reliable network. Keep in touch with old clients, and see if they're willing to recommend your name to other buyers/sellers.

If you're curious about where to start, try building pages and profiles on popular real-estate sites. These are often the first places people look when they're interested in buying or selling, and you can meet other agents in the process of finding clientele. Here are four popular platforms for real estate agents nationwide - using social media effectively can increase your visibility and professionalism.

  2. While this seems obvious, it only takes a few hours a week to keep up with a Facebook page. This is something people can like and follow on their primary social media, so you can get your name out onto people's personal feeds.
  4. This networking site is custom made for realtors, with all the contacts you need to become a success.
  6. A business account can help you show off your portfolio of homes for sale and gain you the buyers you need.
  8. Hashtags can help you make the right connections and publicize your brand.

You don't have to be extraordinarily tech-savvy to put yourself out on the internet. Put aside a few hours to get yourself started, and just keep chipping away until you've built a successful following and network. Invite previous clientele onto the sites, and create an online presence for yourself. Chances are, it might be the first thing a potential client sees or searches.

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