5 Ways Your Backyard Can Increase The Real Estate Value Of Your House

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 31 January 2018 16:54

Outdoor living is as important as indoor living to most American home buyers. Many sellers make the mistake of assuming that they can get away with an unattractive backyard as long as the interior looks nice. However, that may not only affect a property's value but may render it unsellable. If you are looking to get maximum value from your property, then you need to hit the backyard and make it as enticing as you can.

 Small updates and fixes can increase your property's value by up to 11-percent. Keeping that in mind, here are five essential backyard upgrades that will enable you to sell your house above market value.

1. Landscape

Unkempt bushes and tangled trees may darken interiors or obscure window views. They also make it difficult for the buyer to have a good look at the house. You need to remember that most buyers do not want to put in too much work in their new backyard; so do it for them and profit from it. To add curb appeal to your home, you need to make minor repairs to the facade, trim overgrown trees and shrubs, plant trees, and, if necessary, plant an edge.


Importantly, you should match your new landscape to your house' style. For example, you cannot match a Japanese Landscape to a Victorian-style home. What is the best lawn service near me? That is the question ringing in your head right now. Well, you can either find a professional service or research widely to find great landscaping ideas online.


2. Be Thrifty

Nowadays, most buyers are millennials who appreciate outdoor living but do not want to go out of their way to pay for it. Modern buyers first consider the cost of maintaining a property before buying it. Also, most buy houses that are beyond their budget and barely have enough to cover basic operational costs.


There are several ways that you can save money when landscaping. Chiefly, do not go for high-cost landscaping as you may end up losing money. You should, however, unless otherwise advised by a professional, only include drought-tolerant plants that are native to your region. You can also replace a section of turfgrass with pea gravel or native ground covers to make your yard more water-smart.


3. Add An Entertainment Area

It is very advisable to put in a patio or deck to provide a place for people to 'chill.' If operating on a budget, you can lay down pavers for placing a table and some chairs when you are entertaining friends or guests. That may also mean setting aside a barbecue area. Basically, you need to define the spaces so that your potential buyers can understand what they are going to use them for.


A well planned out garden inspires imagination. The more buyers picture themselves living there, the more emotionally connected to the property they become, and the easier it will be to convince them to raise their offer. They are many backyard entertainment ideas out there, and it is up to you to find the right fit.


4. Improve the Ambiance

Simply put, the ambiance here is your backyard's demeanor. It is the emotion or feeling it generates in people. Is it cozy? Is it stylish? Is it relaxing? It is the mood that you get when you step out to your backyard. You can do this by adding suitable furniture to your garden.


Furthermore, you need to light up your backyard. We are not talking about a few light bulbs thrown around to illuminate your exteriors. It is no longer about security but about decoration. You need beautiful ambient lighting to make the backyard more welcoming. You should not overlook this considering most buyers nowadays only get time to drive around at night.


5. Add New Structures

Do not assume that we are talking about a pool because research shows that pools do not always add value to the house. You need to keep it simple. You can build a small outhouse or a shed. Trust me; most men want a personal space to work or relax. A simple construction will add up to $20,000 to your property's value.

Rather than wait until you are hard-pressed to sell before you begin these improvements, you should attack these tasks at a time. You can also enlist the services of a professional, if necessary. These upgrades will ensure that you not only attract buyers but raise the value of your home.

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