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How to Keep New Year's Resolutions with a Real Estate Agent's Busy Schedule

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 22:24
How to keep your New Year Resolutions as a busy Real Estate Agent How to keep your New Year Resolutions as a busy Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, life can become chaotic when juggling open houses, showings around others schedules and your own work/life balance. In the beginning of the year we are always so excited to kick the New Year off with a good start, but so often after the first few weeks of the year, those ambitions turn into long to-do lists that get buried at the bottom of the pile of work, phone calls and meetings. During these times, your New Year resolutions may seem like a lost cause, but you don't have to give up entirely. Leading a healthy lifestyle isn't a make-or-break it trial. Even if you miss a few days, you can still pick up your resolution and try again. Bettering yourself isn't always a linear street.

If you've made a few promises to yourself that you're having trouble keeping, here are a few real estate agent tips that are sure to assist in achieving your goals. Teaming up with another real estate agent or Broker makes for a great buddy system and provides stronger accountability on those days that feel like you are a hamster on a wheel.


Whether cutting sugar or just opting for a healthier lifestyle, diet is one of the most important parts of getting healthy, because when the body is receiving the nutrients it needs, it performs at a higher level. Plan meals ahead of time to avoid the temptation of fast food and take out, and pre-cook lunch and dinner when you can. Carry healthy snacks in a cooler in the car, to avoid the mid-day crash or the “I’m too busy to stop for food today” that often happens when we live life on-the-go. Hummus, protein bars, and apples are fantastic go-to’s, even better they leave little to no mess behind and can be eaten while you are waiting for your next client to arrive for their showing.


Exercise is one of those things that the more you do it, the better you feel, the better you feel creates excitement within making it easier to do, more often. When you feel better, you perform better, your mood is enhanced and achieving that goal becomes easier in the mind. Getting to that point can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’ve been out of the gym for a while. Exercise is crucial for relieving stress and releasing “feel-good” endorphins to the body. Scheduling time for yourself is just as important as scheduling that new client meeting. Even if you aren’t a gym goer, simply walking around the park or neighborhood helps you stay fit and healthy. A 40-minute walk, 3 times per week shows greater cardiovascular health and improved immune functions, while also increasing memory & improving brain health. Food for thought: Walking around your open house does not count as exercise.


Staying organized as a business professional is one of the most important factors of being successful, and for some, it’s an easy task however for others it is a bit of a challenge if organization is not a strong point. Organizing paperwork is a good place to start - invest in a digital scanning device to put your paper documents in the cloud or go a little more old-school with a good filing system and binders. Organizational bins are also a great way to segregate the information you have, while also making it very easy to store in a closet or storage closet at the office or at home. Decluttering your space provides mental clarity & helps increase productivity over a space where nothing can be found.


Feeling stumped or stuck? It’s time to get motivated! Set easy-to-reach goals and start small, and keep your eyes on the horizon. Don't overwhelm yourself with impossible expectations, and take pride in the things you do manage to do. Turn on some good jams, get up and move around & tell yourself happy thoughts to improve your mood and stay motivated, even on days that seem bleak. Doing something that makes you happy or listening to your favorite tunes, is a sure fire way to go from stuck to invigorated and back to productive in no time!

Family Time.

Getting too absorbed in work is dangerous, especially when you have children or loved ones that need your attention. Being connected to family is a key factor in performing well at work. If you are busy guilting yourself over missing family dinner again, or not being able to attend your kids' school play - chances are you will begin resenting setting appointments for work. Attitude will start showing through with your clientele and before you know it, you could start losing opportunities, missing appointments or living in a miserable mindset each day. Combat that negative routine by scheduling time in your calendar to take time off important dates, giving your family a weekend with little to no work and making time to be there once a week minimum for dinner. This will make you, your spouse and your kids feel better overall. Leading to increased productivity and efficiency, and allowing you to be the best real estate agent you can be.


Marketing yourself correctly is a great way to rake in potential clients, networking is done both online and offline. So if it has been a while since you looked at your LinkedIn profile, take a few minutes to review your connections and send a few messages to potential referral partners. Attend a luncheon, go to a few more open houses or find a group that fits your lifestyle and join it for a year. Forging relationships with others is a healthy way for you to both grow your business and gain new ideas to improve yourself within the real estate market.

Convenient Apps.

Evernote is a good app to have, especially if you like staying organized and updated. For additional real estate agent apps visit our blog on which apps real estate agents should use in their business.

Looking for a place to achieve your dreams? One of these cities might be the location for you. These are the top 5 booming cities for real estate in 2018:

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5. Eugene, Oregon. While it's a bit quieter than a big city, this is a good place to take your shot and start making deals.

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