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Ranch Investments - Best Investment You Will Ever Make?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 February 2018 13:41

Ranch investments give the real estate investor an opportunity to reap returns both from a financial and emotional standpoint. I hear more and more people talk about how the stock market is rigged, how the FED and Government can ruin an investment overnight with a bureaucratic decision and how banks pay very little interest and can’t be trusted. More and more people are wanting to put real money into real things that they can see, touch and improve. I think sometimes that is a result of living in a world that can seem fake at times. People can see the result of planting things and them growing or improving wildlife habitat. It is that physical feedback that can make ranch investments rewarding both financially and emotionally.


I don’t want to short change the financial rewards by mentioning the incredible memories and rewards owners can benefit from. I have a ranch that over 18 years is now a 5 bagger and I know many in Montana that have seen much more handsome returns than that. However, most of the discussions revolve around the family and friendships that were solidified and the memories created by time on property.

This doesn’t mean it is as simple as buy a property and watch the value grow. It is hard work and the best way to make money is finding a property that needs some tender loving care and where the present owner doesn’t have a vision. Those are the properties where the multi baggers most often come from.

The trend in Montana right now is the recreational ranch where you can hunt, fly fish, horseback, view wildlife and enjoy great views. These type properties have appreciated beyond the agricultural value of the land. Where I see people make mistakes is by buying a ranch and then overbuilding the property with a large home or lodge. Remember, one man’s multi million dollar mansion is another man’s multi million dollar teardown.

One of the most unique ranch investments I see now is purchasing land that has good water rights in advance of a growing city or area. The saying goes water is the new oil and I believe that water is going to become a very valuable asset over the next 20 years. A ranch investment with good water rights can give a better return than your money sitting in the bank and likely has much higher upside than being paid interest from a CD or a Treasury.

If you have a long term outlook on investing in land and get the opportunity to be paid back in memories as well as money, then a ranch investment may be something to consider. If you are looking for the best real estate investment you will ever make, your return can come from the memories, the appreciation and the yearly income that a ranch investment can bring you.

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