Getting a New Garage Door to Add Value to your Home

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In a home, a few outdoor features have immense value. One of them happens to be the garage door. Though often seen as a minor detail, the garage door can dictate how much your property is worth. It gives your home the general attractiveness that it needs to attract potential buyers.

In every market, first impressions matter a lot and you shouldn’t expect the real estate sector to be any different. A new and high-quality garage door will easily convince a prospective home buyer to contemplate buying your property. Getting a new garage door to add value to your home is, therefore, one of the best things that you can do your property, especially when you plan to sell it in the future.

Wondering how a new garage door improves the value of your property? Well, here is a quick overview of some of the ways that a new garage door can boost your home’s value:

  1. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Unlike other home improvement projects, installing a new garage door can increase the asking price of your home. Nonetheless, the ROI that your garage door will provide depends on several factors. It’s is, therefore, important to ensure that you install a garage door with a great design that compliments the overall décor of your home. The door should also be maintained by a professional garage door service company such as Garage Doors Plus, LLC to protect your investment.  

  1. Improved safety and security

An old garage door is a big security threat to your home considering that garage doors are one of the most favored entry points for burglars. Getting a new garage door will, therefore, make your home safer and more secure. In fact, modern doors come with a lot of functionalities such as safety sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms to eliminate the risk of your kids, pets, and vehicles from getting trapped when closing the door.

 Additionally, some of these features do not require you to totally replace your garage door. An experienced garage door installation company can help you upgrade your garage door with some of the latest smart security features.  A good garage door company will also add sophisticated aesthetics that it can be hard to tell whether you are looking at a garage door or a specially crafted architectural wall feature.

  1. Energy-Efficiency

If the garage is attached to the house and its door is worn out, air leaks in the garage can affect your house’s temperature. Replacing your old garage door with a new, insulated one will reduce the air leaks. What’s more, installing a new, sealed and well-insulated garage door will also make your garage space more comfortable and ultimately reduce your overall utilities significantly.


There is no doubt that installing a new garage door can get you the best bang for your bucks. In fact, it costs much less than most of the home improvements that you can do to your home today and has one of the highest ROI.  Accordingly, if you are planning to sell your home but want to increase its value a bit, getting a new garage door to add value to your home is the best bet—it boosts that all-important curb appeal. If you simply want an updated garage door, you can hire garage door experts to do the upgrade for you.

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