Choosing Your Dream Dining Room Furniture

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Walnut dining table Walnut dining table

or many homeowners, aesthetically speaking the dining room is the most important room in the house, as it is where guests are most likely to be entertained. It is also the room that must be decorated to withstand children’s sticky fingers, hot dishes, spillages, and furthermore be comfortable, as no one likes to eat in an unappealing setting.

The most important dining room furniture item is, of course, the table. A fabulous looking dining table will go a long way to making the room just what you are striving for, even if you don’t pay much attention to other elements of the room. Not only is the design of the tables and chairs going to make a difference to the final look of the room, but the wood it is made from also has a major effect.  These days suppliers offer stunning dining furniture sets in all types of wood, including solid oak, painted oak, acacia, and walnut.

Choosing a Dining Table

Acacia and walnut dining tables and chairs are an excellent choice that combines strength with a mature style. Walnut has been a preferred choice by makers of classic furniture for hundreds of years, and nowadays contemporary walnut items are becoming increasingly popular. The grain of walnut wood is very straight, and it will last for decades when cared for properly.

When deciding on which walnut dining table to buy, you have many options. Perhaps the first thing you need to decide is if you want a round table, or a more classical rectangular design. Rectangular tables are more popular, this is probably the best shape for the majority of buyers because most dining areas are rectangular.

A rectangular dining table is furthermore a practical shape for occasions you need to seat more than four diners. If you entertain frequently, or have a large family, an extending dining table and chairs could be the solution.

Oak or painted oak are other superb choices of wood for dining room furniture. Like acacia and walnut, an oak dining table looks amazing and will last for generations. Because it takes many decades for an oak tree to grow to full maturity, a solid oak dining table is very resistant to scratches and scuffs, which is a great bonus when you have children. Due to its density, an oak dining set is also resistant to bugs and insects.

Choosing Chairs

The style of chair you choose will depend on the type of ambience you want to create. Dining sets with matching tables and chairs create a more formal atmosphere than non-matching furniture and help to give a room a more streamlined look.

Matching urban chic dining set

If you have children, low back chairs are optimal as they make a room appear more comfortable and are also better in very small rooms as they help open the space. But if you entertain on a business or formal level, high backed chairs are an optimal choice. However, if the room is small, bear in mind high back dining chairs visually take up space and may make the room appear smaller. Higher backed chairs are also a good choice if you like to linger at the table talking after a meal, as they offer more support to the back.

Oak high backed dining chair

A walnut dining bench is a great choice if you have children, especially when their friends may join you for a meal, there is no need to sort out extra chairs.

When choosing a solid oak table and chairs you’ll find you have a choice of shades. Darker finishes will give the room and furniture a heavier feel, whereas pale oak dining furniture reflects light and helps make a space look larger. Darker colours help hide marks, so this might be something to think about if you have pets or young children.

Images courtesy of Kalusto Wooden Furniture.

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