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Protect Carpet from Dog Urine - Minimize Odors in Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 November 2018 07:12
Protect Carpet from Dog Urine Protect Carpet from Dog Urine Protect Carpet from Dog Urine

If you own a pet, eventually you may encounter the problems that go along with a dog and carpet. Aside from the typical house training accidents, dogs might still go on carpets sometimes if left alone too long. However, if you take proper care and preventive measures, you can create the best solution to know how to protect carpet from dog urine.


Having a dog and a carpet can spell disaster for your finances. Aside from feeding and caring for your pet, you will now have to spend extra time keeping your carpet clean. The best thing is to keep your home clean of pet waste, hair, and pet dander. This is especially true with your carpet. This article highlights methods and techniques, which may help you in handling the whole situation wisely and prudently. You can handle every situation only if the correct method and approach are employed. Below are a few tips and techniques for helping you maintain your carpets in combination with your pets.

Protect Carpet from Dog Urine

1. Make sure that you vacuum your carpet on a daily basis, as this will help to avoid the stain from setting deep into the carpet and its fibers.


2. After the occurrence of an accident, try to soak it up using a dried sponge or white napkin and dispose of it later. Then, make use of a prime quality enzyme commodity to remove the spots and stains off your carpet. Never pour a massive amount of enzyme liquid on the affected area. After pouring a small amount of enzyme product on the area affected, use a soft, moist wipe and clean in a clockwise direction.


3. Do you occasionally use a hot water or steam extraction technique? This may not be enough, as pets can cause stains regularly. The importance of steam cleaning is  that it will help cleaning the carpet through its depth and get rid of dust and pet's filth in the carpets.


Bottom Line

By following the techniques stated above, you will be able to protect your carpet from dog urine, and maintain beautiful looking carpet. Regular cleaning, as well as deep cleaning, your carpets will help your carpet last longer and be odor-free.

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