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Things you should know before renovating your bathroom

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 November 2018 05:29

A bathroom should be nicely arranged, while at the same time being a functional and safe. Check what to do and what building materials to use to quickly build a new or renovate an old bathroom.

When designing a bathroom, the dimensions and shape of the room, as well as the location of doors, windows, drains and sewage pipes must be taken into account. Sometimes the ergonomics of the interior allows for the use of many arrangement ideas, and sometimes we are limited, e.g. by the presence of sloping ceilings or pipes that require installation, influencing the layout of walls in the bathroom. This makes it all the more important to choose the right building materials, which will determine both the durability of the building and the final visual aspect.

Fight against humidity

The bathroom is one of the rooms with the highest level of humidity. Therefore, regardless of whether we place traditional ceramic tiles on walls or less daily solutions, such as natural wood, industrial brick, decorative plaster or paint, it is important to prepare the substrate properly. Today, for this purpose we use e.g. gypsum plasterboards, cement or modern building boards. Why in the case of bathrooms it is worth focusing on the third of these proposals? Because construction panels, unlike competitors, are made of extruded polystyrene, providing 100% waterproofness, thermal insulation and protection against the risk of fungi or mould.

(Un)even walls and floors

Another problem faced by professionals and people who want to build or renovate their dream bathroom are uneven walls and floors. In order to deal with this issue and guarantee the desired end result, the surfaces are usually clad with building panels, glued to walls and floors with glue or mechanically with the use of installation anchors.

When it is possible, the interior of the bathroom should be divided into two areas - bath and care and sanitary. There is no need for brick partition walls - shower or toilet partitions, made of a material resistant to direct water and mechanical damage, are enough. They will give you a sense of intimacy, especially when more than one person usually uses the room.

Unaesthetic water and sewage components

Visible pipes and other unsightly elements of the water and sewage system are other difficulties that can spoil the visual effect in the bathroom. Fortunately, covering them is not a very difficult task - it is enough to install ready-made corner profiles. They are mechanically fixed to the wall with the use of mounting pegs, glue and sealants, and then they are lined with any lining.

What if you want to build a rectangular or oval bathtub? Then it is worth paying attention to 20 mm boards with factory-made cuts, which will allow for quick profiling of any shape.

Which Bathtub to choose

Anyone who wants to buy a bathtub can choose from many different models, both in terms of size, shape and material of which it is made. Of course, as it is not difficult to guess, each type of bathtub is quite different in price from the other, so the most common selection criterion taken into account when buying is the budget. This makes that the most common are acrylic bathtubs. Apart from that, you can choose for example cast iron, enamelled, steel enamelled, as well as - the most expensive - artificial marble bathtubs. However, the different types differ not only in price and appearance, but also in durability or assembly method. You can then choose freestanding bathtub or the one installed to the wall. The latter is especially influenced by the weight of the bathtub, the heavier it is, the more difficult it is to transport and install it.

Freestanding bathtubs were popular in the 70's and 80's. Now such bathtubs are gaining popularity again. This is mainly because this model can be placed in the corner of the bathroom, next to the wall, opposite the entrance or even in the middle. The latter solution is practical when the bathroom has a minimum area of 10 square meters. It can be a bathtub in the shape of a rectangle, circle, but also oval, asymmetrical or atypical shape, even made to individual order. As the internet has become a single global market, we don't have to limit our purchases to stationary stores. Shops such as Wannengut has large selection of free-standing bathtubs. You can choose between different sizes, shapes and materials. Free-standing bathtubs such as the SIERRA enable a creative approach to modern bathroom design. SIERRA convinces with its classic shape and offers enough space for a romantic band for two. The OPERA model is suitable for those who have a little more space in their bathroom. The round shapes of this bathroom solution make it a true classic that you would only find in a luxury hotel.

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