4 Things to Do Before Your First Airbnb Guest Arrives

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 November 2018 01:12

Homeowners that choose to rent out their home on Airbnb want to ensure that their guests have a good experience. A higher rating, better reviews and a happy customer is what preparing before a guest arrives helps you achieve.

Making sure that your home is actually ready to host guests is key.

Going beyond a bed with clean sheets is a must, and this includes:

1. Removing All of Your Valuables from the House

Your valuables should not be left out in the open, and even hiding them in a nightstand isn’t a good idea. The first Airbnb I rented had one room, presumably the owner’s room since she lived there when not renting it out on the weekend, that was locked shut.

This is an option, but it’s better to remove all of your valuables from the home.


It's peace of mind, and you never have to worry about your valuables being stolen. A lot of people don’t notice their items are missing for weeks or months at a time, and this makes it even harder to put the blame on just one guest.

2. Check All of the Drains and Toilets

Drains clog, and when they start draining slowly, it’s a sign that a good drain cleaning is in order. Cleaning your drains is a good idea – for you and your guests. Walk through your home, turning on every sink and seeing if any are taking too long to drain.

Do the same in all bathtubs, too.

Avoid using harsh drain cleaners found in most grocery or home improvement stores because they can do more harm than good. Pour boiling water down the drain or a little baking soda and vinegar to try and dislodge the clog.

If that doesn’t work, a professional cleaning will do the trick.

Note: Also keep a plunger and ample towels around if a clog does happen when a guest is staying in the home.

3. Perform a Routine Inspection

If you have just listed your home on Airbnb and plan to host guests regularly, you’ll want to perform a routine inspection after every guest checks out. This inspection will include:

  • Ensuring all of the dishes have been cleaned
  • All garbage bags have been put out
  • Toilet paper and paper towels are still stocked
  • Linens and towels are all clean and put in the right place

Hosts often leave a basic checklist of items and where they can be found in the home. If you perform a routine inspection between guests, you never need worry that anything is out of order in the home.

4. Run Through Your Hosting Checklist

Hosts need a little help, too. You'll want to create your own hosting checklist that ensures you’ve done everything right before guests arrive. Use a sample checklist, and this will ensure that you have checked all of the essentials:

  • Making the bed
  • Checking toilet paper
  • Laying out towels
  • Checking kitchen essentials
  • Leaving a spare key
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Meeting guests

You can also make a “checking out” list that covers all of the items you should be checking when guests leave.

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