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Things to Know about Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic (UHMWP)

Written by Posted On Thursday, 06 December 2018 23:39

Ultra high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) is a thermoplastic polyethylene that gains its high strength from its extra long chain structure of individual molecules. It is an extremely tough material that has higher impact strength than any other variety of thermoplastic. It has exceptional slithering properties, and it can remain hard even at extremely low temperatures. It absorbs less water, it is mechanically very strong, and it is highly resistant to abrasion. This extraordinarily wear-resistant plastic is extensively used in a variety of applications, including electronics, automotive, construction materials etc. Let’s know more about this wonderful material in detail.

Properties of UHMW

Ultra high molecular weight plastic is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. It is much similar to high-density polyethylene, but with more resistance power to alkalis, concentrated acids and organic solvents. It has high resistance power against corrosive chemicals as well. It is known to have high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, and resistant to UV radiation as well. Because of its low coefficient quotient of friction, it does not bond well with skin and feels slippery.


Because of all these properties, ultra high molecular weight plastic offers so many benefits, including:

-It is highly resistant against cracking and stress
-It has high resistance against abrasion, around 15 time more resistance than carbon steel
-It is very strong and tough
-It is resistant to chemicals, including most acids and alkalis, degreasing agents, organic solvents and electrolytes. However, it is not resistant to oxidizing acids
-It is non-toxic
-It has excellent dielectric features
-It does not stain easily
-It is self-lubricating
-It is a very low coefficient of friction
-Because of its low gravity, it floats in water
-It is approved by FDA, and can be used in foods and a variety of medical applications


Ultra high molecular weight plastic finds use in a variety of applications, including:

-Chemical industry
-Automotive industry
-Food processing
-Gears, pistons and valves
-Beverage machinery
-Marine equipment
-Water treatment
-Manufacturing equipment
-Filter and other porous parts
-Conveyer lines
-Cordage and ropes
-Handling of bulk material
-Civil engineering
-Earthmoving equipment
-Mining equipment
-Mineral processing equipment
-Sports and activities, like fishing, boating, skiing and skydiving
-For Ballistic uses, like armor plating and body armor
-Transport, such as bins, hoppers and truck trays

Some Precautions While Using the High Molecular Weight Plastic Materials For Your Consumption:

While there are so many advantages of using ultra high molecular weight plastic, it has its own limitations as well. Because it has a low melting point of 297°, it may not be suitable for very high temperature settings. Since it has low coefficient of friction, it can feel slippery and not be applicable for certain purposes, such as flooring. Wear and corrosion-resistant plastic is used in multiple technical devices and also in many commercial outlets. This type of plastic outlives all other materials like nylon, urethane and fluoroplastics.

Here we have informed you about the properties, strengths and weaknesses of ultra high molecular weight plastic. It is hard, strong and resistant to many substances, but it has a low melting point and it is slippery. So, with this information, you can make up your mind and take an informed decision about whether you should use it for your purpose or not. Your decision largely depends on your individual requirements, preferences and budget. However, when you buy high intensity plastic materials, you must ensure that they are non-toxic, have low friction rate and that they are immune to noise level and moisture accumulation.

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