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Living Room Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Faster In 2019

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 December 2018 16:35
Need help with staging your Warner Robins home before putting it up on the market? Need help with staging your Warner Robins home before putting it up on the market? Anita Clark,

Are you planning to sell your home in the coming year? Perhaps someone has already encouraged you to stage your space, but you haven't started yet... simply because you do not even know where to begin.

Sellers often overthink about what home buyers would want to see. So naturally, you go online and ask our trusty friend Google. Now, the problem with that is it opens you to being bombarded and confused by too much information. Just imagine how many websites you have to read before you can finally decide on how to go about with staging your home. You'd have dozens of "helpful" resources pulling you in all directions! One of them tells you that neutrals have already gone boring, while another strongly disagrees with the idea. Which of them should you listen to?

Being a realtor and NOT an interior designer, I'm not exactly your best source of home design ideas. However, if you are talking about how to stage your home so you can sell it off quickly... then that is within my area of expertise. You see, my profession as a Warner Robins GA real estate agent is not really how people imagine it to be. It's not all about using marketing tactics to find qualified clients, or to sell homes as fast as we can. Part of the job is making sure our properties appear attractive to our clients through staging.

Why should you stage the living room area?

 Well, the answer is pretty obvious here. Our living room is the focal point of our house, and it's normally the first room that home buyers get to see upon setting foot inside your home. Nobody goes straight to the bathroom and check if your toilet is hissing! People normally head to the living room area, especially those who are raising families, simply because they are trying to envision living in your home. Is this space conducive for my kids to lounge in after school, or for me to de-stress after long hours at work? Is it equipped to keep my family comfortable, even when we're all gathered together in the same room?

What is the most important thing to consider when staging a living room?

A good number of people would say that style matters the most, because who would want to come home to a place that looks unappealing? While that aspect is important too, I think the main thing you should focus on when staging your living room is COMFORT. Try to make it appear as warm and comfortable as possible.

Think about it... Do you prefer an ultra stylish space that you can only stay at for a couple of minutes because it's ultra uncomfortable as well? Or a simple yet tastefully designed area that you can relax in as soon as you get home? Wouldn't it feel great t have a living room that says something like, "Welcome home! Leave your worries out the door. It's now time to relax."

What staging tips can you give as an experienced Warner Robins real estate agent?

I've been in the real estate game here in Warner Robins for far too long that I've picked up so many design ideas from other professionals, as well as from how the market behaves. I've sold too many houses to figure out which staging elements work aand which of them drives the buyers away. I've also staged so many living rooms that I've some tricks up my sleeve which will save you money... while ensuring that you maximize the profit you get from selling your home.

To every home buyer who is so confused how to prepare their homes, I only have one suggestion for you. Dump all that stress out the window, and look for an experienced realtor near you. Sure, we aren't Google... but we have the practical knowledge to  help you achieve your real estate goals! In fact, I have recently shared some valuable tips over at my site blog:

Read my advice before selling your home! You won't regret it.

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