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9 Ways to Make Your CT Waterfront Real Estate Irresistible to Buyers

Written by Posted On Monday, 11 February 2019 23:29

Are you planning to sell your CT waterfront real estate this year? If you are, you're probably already planning to get it ready to sell. Just like most of the properties for sale in the area.


When you are competing with many other waterfront homes for sale in CT, your regular effort to prepare will not be enough. You need to step up your game to make your home more stand out and be more appealing and irresistible to buyers.


What do buyers want?


Knowing what buyers want is important when you're preparing to sell your waterfront real estate. Though waterfront homes by themselves are attractive for their location and views, these factors won't be enough to convince a buyer your property is worth a second look.


What will make buyers fall in love with your home?


Here are nine ways you can turn your CT waterfront real estate to a house buyers will love.


1. Get it "move-in ready"


A move-in ready home is a home in complete package, one that is already in great shape and does not require any structural renovation to make it livable. Most buyers prefer move-in ready homes because it means they can simply move-in the house and not worry about anything. The convenience and ease of purchasing of a move-in ready home are highly appealing, especially to busy people.


To make your home "move-in ready", you need to take care of any structural and cosmetic issues before selling. This means replacing broken light bulbs and windows, sealing any cracks on the walls, fixing loose cabinets and doors, changing leaky pipes and faucets, etc.


Make your home feel and look new by repainting it inside and out. Installing new light fixtures is another great way of creating a 'turnkey' home.


2. Don't forget the curb appeal.


First impression lasts. Your home's exterior is the first thing a buyer sees, so make sure to give your curb appeal a boost. Painting is of the cheapest and simplest things you can do to give your home a visual lift.


Cleaning and trimming the yard and bushes also help. Add a splash of color by placing some potted plants on your front porch.

3. Make the front door pop


When you want to draw the eyes of the buyer to the house, give the front door some love. If your front door is looking tired and weary, perhaps it is time to say goodbye and install a new one. If your front door is still in excellent condition, a nice coat of paint on it and around its trim will do the trick. Make sure to use the right color that will complement your exterior paint.


4. Add visual space


Buyers love spacious homes. Decluttering opens up space and lets in light into your home. It makes your home look bigger without physically adding any feet to it.


Clutter can make your home appear darker and smaller, and these are major no-no's when selling a home. Get rid of anything broken. Donate items you haven't used in years.


Pack 30% of your belongings and put them in storage. This will help clear the home and create additional space.

5. Update the kitchen


Many home buyers prefer updated appliances in the kitchen. Waterfront homes in CT are often used for entertainment and vacation, so if you are in a position to replace one or more of your none stainless steel appliances with a stainless steel one, buyers will want your home (or at least your kitchen).


6. Clean it


Don't settle for regular cleaning, deep cleaning will make your home look neat and smelling great. If you have no time to clean the house, hire professional cleaners. They'll make your home look and feel clean.


7. Make sure you have a clear view.


Waterfront homes have the advantages of being right where the view is. Maximize this feature and ensure you get a great view of the waters in most places of the home. Make sure that you have the right window treatment that frames the view so you can enjoy it whether you are inside or outside.


8. Stage it


A staged home sells faster than an unstaged home. This is typical because staged homes help buyers get a feel of the lifestyle they will enjoy in the house.


Staging makes it easy for the buyers to imagine the possibilities of each area of the home.


9. Price it right.


One of the most important things you can do to make your CT waterfront real estate irresistible is to price it right. When a home is in a great location, offers amazing features and amenities, and is priced just right, buyers recognize the good deal and will easily take your property off your hands.


Need help in selling your CT waterfront property?


If you're planning to sell your waterfront real estate in CT and would like to know more about the selling process, call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. Let's discuss how we can get your home to look its best to sell fast and for its best price.

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