Do house extensions add value?

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Having a large space is what everybody wants, enough space that can cater for everything that you own. You may own a big house but as time goes you discover it is not enough. As you continue living in your place you continue adding other things that make you feel that the space is not enough. This is the main thing that makes an extension valuable. If a house has an extension that can accommodate various items it is more valued as everybody wants their items kept safely. A house that can accommodate various items is expensive than that which you have to pay somewhere else for an item like a garage for a car. Is very expensive and an extension of a garage on your house will save you your cash. 

Factors to consider before adding an extension: 

The prices of houses in an area 

Before adding an extension to your home you should seek advice from an estate agent. They will give you a clear picture of the preferable houses the people of that area like and the maximum rent they pay. If you add an extension and the value of the property equals the highest price the people of that area pay then it is worth it. 


When you add an extension you should make sure that when selling it or renting it gives you profit. It is good to do your research on the economy growth of that area on the estimated profit you may get before adding an extension to your property. 


The value of your property depends on the building material and how complex the extension is set up. This should be looked into before adding an extension to your property. When you use high quality materials and creative designs to build your extension it will definitely add the value of your property. You should be keen on how you want the extension added so that it does not make the property disorganized as this may cause your property value to depreciate. 

Type of extension 

Each extension has its own value that it adds to a property. You should do research and see which extensions are mostly needed and how much value they will add to your property. 

Loft Conversion

Adding a loft conversion to your home can increase the value by up to 21%, making it extremely cost effective.


This is one of the extensions that will add value to your property as people like their cars in a safe place where they can wake up and drive to whatever destination. This will increase the value of your property up to 25% 

If you realise it is not used and it will add value if you use it to add another room. If your property was a two-bedroom house then it will be a three-bedroom house and hence its value will increase. You can also decide to make it a veranda this will add value but not like that of a bedroom. 


If your property has a storey converting it into a dining room will add value to any house. People like a house that has a dining room than those that do not have as this will ensure that food will not be taken from the living area. This will add a value to your property up to 10%. If it is converted into an extra bedroom you will rent it out or sell it in terms of bedrooms and this add a value up to 20%. 


These days’ people like to sit outside and relax while taking in fresh air. A property that has a beautiful garden with trees adds value to your property. This kind of extension is valuable as it also gives your property a beautiful view. 

Benefits of extension 

• It saves you time and money of moving from one place to the other looking for big space. 
• It adds value to your property as you will sell it or rent it on higher pay because it has an extra space. 
• It gives you an opportunity to extend your property in any direction or adding a valuable space in your property. 
• It will make the whole property new and different and may attract customers. 
• It makes your property spacious as you have enough space for your items. 

An extension will definitely add value to your property you only need to research keenly on the most valuable extension that will add a high percentage value to your property. When you want the value to increase even more add another bedroom. This will change the name of your property and the more the bedrooms the more the pay. You need an estate agent for guidance on what to do with your property and they will tell you about the present and the future outcomes. You will get the ultimate value you want for your property when you invest keenly on the extension.

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