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Benefits of Acacia Honey

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 11:47
Benefits of Acacia Honey Benefits of Acacia Honey Benefits of Acacia Honey

For a long time, the man understood that bees could be a valuable ally for the fight against diseases and their prevention. Energetic food, less known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the list of benefits of honey is long.


Acacia honey

Natural product, healthy and rich in calories, honey has always been a food and a remedy of choice for many people. And if all the honey is made in the same way, each variety is distinguished by its specificity and its nutritional and medicinal virtues. Here are some elements to discover or rediscover Acacia honey.Read more here about Acacia honey


The composition of acacia honey

Acacia honey is known to be very rich in fructose and glucose. It has a high content of mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, calcium ...) and vitamins. It is also composed of amino acids and its pollen count is quite low.


Acacia honey has the following characteristics:


  • 1. It is a unifloral honey, derived from the flowers of Robinia acacia ( Robinia pseudoacacia L. ).

2. It is a 100% natural product, without preservatives or additives.

3. It can be kept for several years without losing its beneficent virtues or taste quality.

4. It has a sweet flavor, a light golden color and a discreetly subtle floral fragrance.

5. It remains liquid for more than a year, unlike many other kinds of honey that tend to crystallize quickly enough.

6.Color: limpid, very pale yellow which draws on the light green.

7.Texture: more liquid than other varieties of honey, making it an ingredient of choice for cooks and pastry chefs.

8.Smell: subtle, vanilla hue mixed with that of the Robinia flower.

9.Taste: sweet, sweet, without acidity or aftertaste.

10.Aroma: very delicate, floral, a little fruity.


Where does his name come from?

You should know that honey is named after the flowers (here Acacia) that constitute them. The names of our honey are not out of our imagination. Ingenious! It is also extremely convenient for the consumer to identify his honey.


His harvest

Beekeepers harvest Acacia honey just after flower bloom, to make sure the bees have foraged the flowers in particular. This harvest is carried out, according to the regions, between the months of April and July.


It's virtues

Like honey thyme, Acacia honey (Akazienhonig) is a product that is full of therapeutic virtues and low risk of allergies, given its low pollen content. Indeed, this honey:

- soothes and calms certain pains

- regulates the intestinal functioning (the problem of constipation)

- stimulates the appetite

- strengthens the skeleton and helps the growth

- stabilizes the gastric secretions

- fights the affections of the respiratory system, in particular in children

- helps with liver detoxification

- works as a natural sweetener in children under 12 months of age.

Acacia honey has therapeutic virtues that have been noticed for hundreds of years. It regulates the functioning of the intestines, thus making it possible to remedy constipation. It promotes the stabilization of gastric secretions. Experience has shown that in small doses, it is beneficial for mild diabetics because of its fructose content. It also helps to fight infantile respiratory diseases. It is recommended for the prophylaxis of pathologies related to bronchial tubes.

Acacia honey is particularly beneficial to:

- babies and children

- light diabetics: given the low glucose content of Acacia honey

- athletes: this honey is an excellent natural energizer.


Acacia honey must be eaten before breakfast. A teaspoon diluted in tea, milk or lukewarm water, taken every morning, is a powerful method to maintain a good general state of health. This honey is also an excellent solution for easily swallowing some medications or oils with a very strong taste. To ensure the preservation of the product, it is advisable to keep it at room temperature and away from light. In the kitchen, Acacia honey is widely used in drinks (hot and cold), desserts and other dishes. Take 1 teaspoon of this honey in lukewarm water, tea, or milk, every morning, before breakfast.

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