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Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 August 2019 12:06

Everyone out there definitely loves the feel and smell of a clean carpet. It is a great experience, but when you step on a carpet, you might not fully appreciate what went into making it look and feel the way it does. Most of the time, it is the work of a professional that gets this done and not your average DIY job. So, would you rather clean your carpet, or is it better to leave this work in the hands of professionals? Either way, if you’re wondering, “Is carpet cleaning necessary?” Then it is. It just depends on how you want to go about it. 

Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

Is carpet cleaning necessary? Carpet cleaning is necessary whether you decide to clean it yourself or reach out to professionals for help. 

Professionals Save You Time

Ideally, it takes hours to clean one average-sized carpet on top of vacuuming it. Most homeowners would rather make productive use of their time and leave the dirty work to the professionals, literally speaking. If you have things to do that might be monetarily or otherwise more rewarding than your investment in cleaning your carpets, a better decision would be to call in the experts.

They Know How to Do It Right

Most homeowners tend to vacuum their carpets about two times a week, and while that is capable of getting rid of dust and dirt that has not already caked in, it is never enough to eradicate caked-in solids, fur and chemicals. Keep in mind that your carpet has to withstand lots of foot traffic, so the amount of dirt it takes in is astronomical. Only the professionals have the knowhow and tools for this kind of work.


DIY carpet cleaning employs the use of home machines that do not match the efficacy of commercial cleaning machines. Equipment used by professional cleaners needs to meet the standards required by the relevant authorities, and that assures you of quality services, clean carpet and disinfection.

The Experts Use Eco-Friendly Products

Most professional cleaners are very conversant with detergents and cleaners available out there. They therefore tend to go for products that pose little danger to the environment. Their products are also harmless, so kids and pets won’t be harmed in case any spillages occur. DIY cleaning does not offer you these kinds of safety guarantees because you don’t know whether the cleaning agents you use are toxic or not.

Professionals Get it Done Quickly

If you chose to clean your carpet yourself, you would probably spend 5 or more hours trying to get it right. That is a lot of time, and the results aren’t exactly going to be the best around. Professionals on the other hand, will take only a couple of hours at it because they have the skills and machinery to do it quickly. Most employees in these companies have been doing the same job for years, so they know precisely where to find caked-in dirt and dislodge it with minimum effort. They also know how to handle and vacuum your carpets in a way that guarantees that there won’t be any loosened fiber or damaged patterns on the piece after the end of the cleaning process.

Bottom Line 

So, is carpet cleaning necessary? Carpet cleaning is necessary regardless of if you plan on doing it yourself or opting for professional help. This article went over all of the reasons why you can choose a professional, but doing it yourself is also a viable option on top of your regular vacuuming

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