Black Friday Deals 2019: Save Upto 15% on Home Improvement Products

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The beautiful fall season is around the corner. All your fellow Americans are gearing up to welcome the winters with restocked woollens and serviced heaters. Not to forget, Black Friday is here too and so you might be already with your shopping lists. Some important products that you must add in your lists should be quality home improvement products to get rid of stains and mold before the onset of winters. Here are some cool Black Friday Deals in 2019 that will give you a head-start on your shopping.

pFOkUS - one of the leading home restorations products manufacturing companies in the US has managed to carve a niche for itself with its high-quality products. On this exciting occasion, we welcome you all to explore our products galore for availing our Black Friday Deals. We have specially come up with discounted offers and coupon codes for our users this time to add a spark to your shopping. These discount coupons will help you save more while you buy your favourite products for home improvement.

Below are the Black Friday Deals 2019 on Our Exciting Range of Products:

  • Tile and Grout Restoration Products:

If you are planning to indulge in Fall DIY projects this season, then your tasks will be incomplete without using our discounted cleaners, sealers, repair products, and tools for tile and grout.

  • Imperia Deep Clean - A powerful deep-penetrating cleaner that can rip off germs, stains and mold effectively without harming the surface of the natural stone, tile and grout.
  • Caponi - Our incredible epoxy grout sealer that seals the grout and prevents it from popping off the surface. It is available in more than 40 shades and is an effective colour grout sealant.
  • Sentura - This strong epoxy resin adhesive is built with 1200psi adhesion that never pops off the surface and performs seamless repairs for cracks and chips. It is also a wonderful alternative to shower caulk.
  • Celine - Our water-proof clear topical sealant that seals the natural stone surface and prevents it from further moisture absorption, while leaving a slight sheen.
  • Alco - An alcohol-based paint thinner that helps you get remove Caponi and Sentura build-ups, thereby giving you neat looking surfaces.
  • Grout Brush - The efficient scrubbing brush with neatly aligned bristles that can easily remove dirt and mold from the grout.
  • Paint Brush - Our very useful paintbrush with neatly-aligned bristles that can be used to seal multiple size grout lines with just one stroke.
  • Imperia Maintenance - This fresh cleaner, which is a combination of a cleaner and sealer, and can be used for your weekly maintenance tasks.
  • Shower Glass Restoration & Enclosure Products:

Our Black Friday Deals for 2019are not only limited to our tile and restoration products, but we also have some amazing offers on our glass restoration products and glass enclosures.

  • Benaz - An impactful shower glass protector and a powerful cleaner used for removing all the filth, soap scum, hard water stains and etching from the glass door.
  • Valore Glass Sealer - A glass sealant which preserves the glass doors from etching and hard water dots. It seals and cleans the surface all at the same time.
  • Valore Maintenance -Our very efficient shower glass cleaner which is highly useful for maintaining your glass doors. It is a combination of glass sealer and cleaner, which has been made with Repeal - Technology that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time.
  • Seals -Our framed and frameless shower glass seals not only increases the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom but also gives you a very clean, dry and contemporary entrance for your shower, by preventing the leakage of water from your doors.
  • Sweeps -Our shower door sweeps direct all the leaking water towards your drain. These door sweeps are crafted from the clearest polycarbonate material. They have a seamless and unique look that prevents leaks.


  • Drip Rails -These high quality framed shower door drip rails retain the leaking water and usher it towards the shower drain, thereby helping to keep your bathroom dry.
  • Threshold -Our aluminium door thresholds have a seamless and unique look, that is the sleekest way to prevent glass shower door leaks. They cover the gaps between the shower glass which cannot be filled with a sweep, without sacrificing functionality.

So grab our best Black Friday Deals on home improvement products this 2019 and say hello to a sparklingly clean and healthy-looking home. To avail these discounts, visit our webpage: Black Friday Deals 2019.

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