How to Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying

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If your home flooring is carpet, one constant problem you may have to deal with is fraying. It happens all the time. There are reasons for fraying, and the major one is poor installation of the carpet. You do not want to trip when walking over the edges of your rug. That is why it is important to know how to keep carpet edges from fraying. 

How to Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying - Carpet Solutions

Just like there are many carpet cleaning methods, there are various solutions to prevent your carpet from fraying. I If you are dealing with carpeting fraying at the edges, this post is all you need. It will tell you how to stop any future fraying. After you read this, your carpet is never going to give you this kind of problem anymore. 

Get rid of the frayed edges by cutting them off.

It is no brainer that one of the straightforward ways to deal with frayed edges is cutting them off. Hold it there; you don’t just cut the edges anyhow. Use chalk to mark the edges you will be cutting. Be careful not to mess with the sideways. 

Get a sharp knife or a carpet cutter. Industry professionals say the cuts have to be seamless so that your carpet does not remain with ugly edges. 

Use a binding equipment to fix the frays.

You can as well deal with the frays using binding equipment. Gather your supplies of scissors, glue sticks with a long-tip nozzle, a hot glue gun, and binding equipment. Cut a portion from the middle of the carpet’s edge and position the binding equipment. Pluck off the sticker and take it around the carpet edges. You can use a heavy book to make the frayed sides get as close to each other as possible. 

Sealing tip for carpet edges.

The most obvious advantage of the sealing tip is that both left and right-handed people can use it. With a hot glue gun, you can work on the frayed edges and seal them. You will save time as well as the cost of repairing. The glue is specifically targeted to the backing of the carpet, hence very effective in solving the fraying problem. With adequate practice, you can seal the frays in a short while and continue with other chores at home.

Fix them with transition strips.

Almost every homeowner has transition strips somewhere in a corner. They are safety tools that make a transition from one floor type to another. For instance, they can be placed between carpeted floors and tiles. Notably, these strips come in different materials. There are PVC transition strips and metal transition strips. Whatever strips you choose have to be compatible with the type of carpet you have in your house.

Go with binding tapes.

 If you are looking for an effortless way to get rid of fraying on your carpet edges, binding tapes is the way to go. The tapes come in a range of colors, and it will be easy to find a perfect match for your carpet. Choose tape thickness that will not make your carpet bulge at the edges. 

The benefits of having carpet are amazing, so it is important to take care of your carpet whether you have pet stain or notice fraying. Now you know how to keep carpet edges from fraying. Learn the techniques and keep your carpet looking as good new all the time, so you won’t need to revive your carpet.

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