Dressing for a Property Showing - 3 Tips for Success

Written by Posted On Saturday, 14 December 2019 22:33

When it's time to sell a property, it's showing that becomes a focal point of your process.

This is an opportunity to woo buyers, showcase the property, and make a great first impression. While the property is the centerpiece of your showing, it's never a bad idea to prepare yourself for the task.

Here are the most important tips when it comes to dressing for a property showing.

1) Professional Attire is a Must

It starts with the basics and that is wearing professional attire.

For men, you will want to go with a traditional suit and tie outfit that is going to indicate a sense of professionalism and elegance. Remember, this is a massive investment for the buyer and they want to be taken seriously. There is nothing more serious than wearing a good suit or slacks and a nice dress shirt that's well-maintained. 

Pro Tip: If you think you might need an extra layer (for nervous sweating or just a hot day), don’t forget the undershirt. It’s a small investment but will save you time and time again.

For women, you want to wear something formal that's going to look clean, crisp, and on par with the property showing. A good blazer will be a great starting point for your outfit and will signify a sense of professionalism. 

2) Stick to Formal Colors

When you are dressing for a property showing, it's best to keep the vibrant colors away for another day. Yes, you may want to wear that bright orange suit but it's not going to work well for this type of event. Instead, you want to stick to traditional colors such as gray, white, black, and navy blue. These are going to work well and will ensure you look the part.

Once you start to experiment with different colors, the risk of making the wrong choice increases. 

Be smart and wear colors that are going to keep you in the background while staying professional.

3) Limit the Number of Accessories

The goal during a property showing is to keep the focus on the asset. It should never get to the point where you are the center of attention as this reduces the opportunity to sell and get the job done. In general, if you are wearing too many accessories, this is going to take the buyer's attention away from the property.

Your goal is to simply guide them through the house and present a clean image of what the property has to offer.

While a few accessories (necklace, watch) won't matter, it's the collection of jewelry that has a profound impact on your outfit. Take the opportunity to limit what you are wearing in terms of accessories, so the buyer can continue to focus on the property. This is when your showing is going to be a successful one.

Final Thoughts

Yes, this is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the property and all that it has to offer but sometimes it's the finer details that matter. If you are someone that wants to seal the deal then it's time to take a look at your attire. Focus on the image you are portraying to the buyer once the showing is scheduled. 


Take a look at these tips for success and implement them on the day of your property showing.

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