How to Get Rid of Moving Boxes After You Move

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How to Dispose of Moving Boxes How to Dispose of Moving Boxes

Options For Disposing Moving Boxes

Do you have a move planned in the near future? When you are buying, selling, or even renting a home, everyone is looking for the best places to find moving boxes. But what happens when your move is all said and done? Following your move, and once you have unpacked, you are left with the problem of how to get rid of moving boxes. You could pile them up on the curb, but there are better options to dispose of moving boxes.

Let's take a look at your options to deal with the boxes you no longer need.

Selling Your Boxes

Just as you needed to find boxes for your move, other people will be in the same situation. You can sell your boxes to recover some of the expenses of the moving process.

Many cities will have companies that specialize in dealing with buying and selling moving boxes. Posting on websites like Box Cycle will allow you to sell your boxes to people in your area. The boxes do need to be of a reasonable standard so that they will be useful to other people in their move.

Sites like this do charge a commission when they sell your boxes, and the buyer will collect them from you at an arranged time. It is a handy little tool though and as you will see when you visit their website, you just need to punch in your zip code to find a location nearby.

Donate Them to a Local Moving Company

If the boxes are in excellent condition you may want to give them to a local moving company. Movers will always have a use for them even if it is not for someone who is moving with one of their trucks. For example, they could be used for a customer who is going to put their stuff into a local storage unit.

Using Message Boards

You can post messages on sites like Craigslist and FreeCycle, to either sell or give away your boxes. FreeCycle will only give you the option of giving away your boxes to people local to you, however, You can give away boxes on Craigslist, but you could recoup some of your moving costs by selling instead.

NextDoor is another option if you are a member, and U-Haul has a message board for giving away packing materials as well. Signing up with NextDoor has the benefit of giving you the chance to meet new people in your neighborhood, as well as providing access to services you'll need once you've moved in.

Keeping the Boxes

If you have room to store the boxes, you could keep them for your next move. If they can be stored somewhere that isn't in the way, they could be used again by you or friends and relatives should they move. Flatten the boxes that are in good condition and store them where they aren't going be damaged by damp conditions.

You may find that your boxes come in useful for many other reasons. If you have young children, you'll know that when they get a new toy, they can often spend more time playing with the box than the toy itself. With a supply of moving boxes, you can entertain your kids for hours helping them construct playhouses and forts.

If you have pets, the cardboard boxes can also find a use. Cats love to sleep in boxes and they can be useful for other pets as well.

The cardboard can be useful during DIY, protecting surfaces from damage. Flattened boxes can be used during vehicle maintenance to lie on or to soak up spills during an oil change.

Your moving boxes will be useful if you need to put things into storage. Whether you find that you don't need to unpack all of your possessions, or if you want to store items that you don't use regularly, label the moving boxes to keep things organized.

Recycling Your Boxes

Larger towns and cities should have recycling programs to deal with your cardboard. You may need to transport the flattened boxes to the recycling depot yourself but check online for the services available in your area.

Unneeded cardboard boxes can be recycled at home in your back yard as composting bins. If you have a community garden project in your area, they may need them to help grow vegetables or other plants.

Speak with a Local Real Estate Office

Another fantastic option for getting rid of your moving boxes is speaking with a local real estate company. Agents obviously are dealing with the people that are going to be needing them - buyers and sellers! Having been a real estate agent myself for the past thirty-three years, I am quite sure a real estate company will be a valuable resource for taking the boxes off your hands.

The agent can then turn around and be a hero for their client. A win-win for everybody.

Other Options For Getting Rid of Moving Boxes

If none of our suggestions so far are right for you, there are other options to get rid of moving boxes. If you live in an apartment complex, you could let the manager or rental office know that you have boxes to spare. Then when one of your neighbors is going to move, they will be able to get boxes from you, or perhaps the manager will be able to store them. You could alternatively, post on a notice board in your development or create some flyers to let people know you have boxes available.

Local organizations, like food banks, churches, or community centers, among other groups, could need some cardboard boxes. Make phone calls or visit local organizations to see if they need your boxes. This might seem like a lot of work to dispose of moving boxes, but it will help you get to know people in your community and make sure your boxes go to a good home.

Hopefully, you have found this resource helpful in giving you some tips on getting rid of your moving boxes.

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