5 Reasons Why Metal Is A Good Material For Home Foundation

Posted On Tuesday, 25 August 2020 21:43

Every homeowner wants their dream house to come to life, which means they want nothing but only the best materials for their home. Who wouldn’t? Your home is your safe haven, after all. It’s where you can do the things you wouldn’t be comfortable doing out in public, and it’s a place that you will occupy for as long as you live.

In building a home, it’s important to decide what type of material to choose for your home’s structure or foundation. While using wood or concrete to frame homes is more common since they’ve been around for a longer time, people are also starting to switch to other materials due to the benefits they offer. Another choice that’s becoming popular, for example, is the use of steel for metal building homes.

Here are some of the many reasons why metal is a good material for your home foundation:

1. They’re Termite-Proof!

If you’re going to compare a steel framing to a wood or timber framing, this is probably it’s number one advantage. Steel is a combination of carbon and iron, which makes it a heavy-duty material. You wouldn’t have to worry about termites destroying your home’s structure since they cannot damage the steel in any way.

Of course, this only applies to the steel framing, so any other material that you stick or add to the steel isn’t 100% safe, especially if you use wood for the walls.

2. Steel Framing Can Last You A Lifetime

A house with steel framing will last you quite a long time. Because of steel’s strength and ductility, it’s often used for offices and other commercial buildings as well. Imagine your home being built the same way as an office that welcomes hundreds of employees on a daily basis.

If you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, or other natural calamities, you wouldn’t have to worry much about your home. Houses with steel framing are built to last. While there may be minimal damage when it comes to the interiors of your house, there’s comfort in knowing that your home’s main structure remains intact.

3. Added Fire Safety

Steel is usually sprayed with coatings in order to make it fireproof. Unlike wood, steel (technically), doesn’t burn. This means that if you have a steel framing for your home, your home’s structure won’t burn along with the things inside your home. Unless the temperature increases and the fire becomes too intense, only then will your steel framing become useless.

One of the most common causes of death in a fire is smoke inhalation. Since steel doesn’t burn, it doesn’t produce smoke as wood does. In the unfortunate event that your home does catch fire, a steel framing can help you escape more quickly. No falling burning frames around the house means no obstruction to your exit path.

4. It Takes Less Time To Build!

Have you ever done a project that involved creating a model home out of popsicle sticks? Well, building a home with a steel frame is sort of similar to that, but with real, life-size equipment. It’s easier to build, and you can even customize as you please during the construction.

A lot of excitement comes along with the construction of a new home. So, just in case you want to speed things up and live in your new home without having to sacrifice the quality of materials, a steel framing is the way to go.

5. In The Long Run, They’re More Cost-Effective

From the previous reasons stated, you can already see how much you will save with a steel framing for your home. Even though steel is slightly more expensive than wood, you’ll end up saving more since you don’t need the maintenance that comes with a wooden frame, which can also be quite expensive. And, since steel frames take less time to build, you’ll also save up on labor costs.

Using steel framing for your home is a great way to build a house at a low cost. There are also home builders that offer metal home kits, which includes everything you’ll need for your home’s main structure. In case you want to have a custom layout for your metal home, you can look for a company that can turn your dream design into reality.


A house’s frame or structure is one of the essential parts of building a home. In order to get the most bang for the buck, you may want to consider getting a steel framing. Using metal as a foundation or structure in commercial buildings has been tried and tested throughout the years, so there’s no reason why you should hesitate to use it for your home. It’s faster to build, low-maintenance, can withstand natural disasters, and overall a great choice for anyone looking to build their home.

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