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Handling with property sometimes gets challenging and complicated. Even if you want to sell your property in Germany there are several processes that you need to go through, especially if you live abroad. There are chances that all the documentation required for selling a property in Germany might complicate the process in different ways. This can increase the complication level of the person selling his property in Berlin. The most challenging tasks are to find the right German real estate agent, consider the current value of the property in the market and then finally market it the right way and sell it at the right price.

Whatever the sale takes place in Germany or in your homeland, the selling process of your property is mainly dependent on you. The agent can help you setting the price considering the current value of similar properties on the market, marketing your property, organizing meetings with interested buyers, getting purchase offers, then the rest of the decision is completely yours.

That is why it can be frustrating if you are not able to sell your property within a standard time frame (i.e. 3-6 months) despite the high residential market demand in the Berlin central areas like Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Schöneberg, Neukölln or Kreuzberg. Therefore you need to consider the following steps before starting to sell your property in Berlin.

Main Tips & Steps for Selling Your Property in Berlin: 

Before starting to discuss the tips, you need to understand that there are several things to be ensured and corners to be fixed for selling your property in Berlin.

Assess tax implication

Selling a property in Germany might involve tax payment on realized the profit, depending on the price you paid before and the sale price that you consider. Whilst Germany offer the advantage to sell a property free of tax under certain conditions, the tax administration of your country of residence might have different rules and apply some taxes on your capital profit in Germany. The best way to handle that is to consult in advance, and before starting the sale process, a tax advisor in Germany and another in your homeland.

Make Sure to Fix Everything Beforehand:

Imagine visiting any apartment or property for the intention to buy and seeing the condition of the property in a neglected condition. Will you be still willing to buy it at the full property price? Of course not. That is why fixing the condition of the property is equally important. This boosts the market value of your property in Berlin as well as gives it a neat and presentable look. You might do this with the assistance of your real estate agent so he/she can view the property in real sale condition and advise on the main things to fix in the property.

Enhance the Experience of the Buyers' Visit:

Always remember anything providing a good experience will always increase the chances of it being sold within an effective time frame. That is what you need to focus on. Set an ambiance in your property, whether it is your apartment, house or workplace. This will help the buyers understand every area inside the property more clearly. So make sure you remove all the unnecessary belongings that are hindering the appearance, ambiance and enhance the value of your property. Since buyers' top priorityin Berlin  is to consider spacious property commonly that is why removing the clutter will help you create space and make the property look wide and clear.

Make Sure the Pricing Strategy is Fair:

There are cases where the property owners in Berlin tend to unnecessarily increase the price of their property and try to sell it at unfair rates. It often ends with no success so that’s why you need to be careful while setting up the final listing price. Make sure you are selling at the market price and a fair price. For this, you should be well aware of the market valuation of properties in Berlin. You can do that online via platforms that can help you with the valuation of your property or by getting more insights about real estate market development and latest trends of property prices in Berlin. The main online German platforms for property valuations in Germany are Immo Scout24 and Immowelt. If you are looking to have a rough valuation  of your property in Berlin, then those are the main websites to go for. Some other platforms like Immonet and 1A-Immobilienmarkt come in second position. If you need an accurate property valuation in Berlin, you could appoint a real estate agent with a deep knowledge of the local area and a strong market reputation.

List your property with a reputed property agent

In small towns the marketing and listing of properties should be locally oriented toward immediate neighborhood and local buyers. However, in large cities like Berlin and London, with hundreds of thousands of expatriates and international buyers, the most efficient strategy is to market your property at the international level. For this, you might select an English-speaking real estate agency like First Citiz Berlin which is specialized in advising international landlords and offers also free property appraisal service. They have winning several international prizes and recently granted the award of the best international real estate agency in Berlin.

The above-mentioned tips will help you successfully closing your property sale in Berlin within an effective time frame, become a smart property seller and maximize your return on your real estate transaction in Germany.

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