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  As a homebuyer in today's crazy real estate market, you may be tempted to wavie a home inspection in order to induce a seller to accept your offer.  It's definitely a thought.  But, before you do so, consider the following and weigh all your options.  


  A home inspection is just that - an inspection of a home you plan to buy.  Home inspectors are hired to give you an overview of the condition of the house.  Good or bad, at least you know what you're getting into.   Everything may be fine, or there may be problems with a house.  If you find out a home has issues and you decide to go ahead, that's okay.  That's your decision to make.


 Home inspectors go over the major systems of a house, in addition to the normal things.  In Florida, the major systems include the roof, HVAC or air conditioners, plumbing, electrical and they look for any signs of mold.  They go over other things as well, but these are the major items that are the most costly to repair or replace.


 There are different types of roofs in south Florida including shingle, flat, concrete and S-tile.  Each roof is different.  Each roof has a different life span.  Each one has a different price, but all are costly to replace.  Are there roof tiles missing?  Any leaks?  How is the roof strapped down?  You need this information and more for insurance.  

 In south Florida, your air conditioner also controls your heat (not that we use it that often!)  Still, an air conditioner is a major expense.  You should at least know the age and condition of the unit or units in the house or condo.  That way, you can be prepared if they need to be replaced.

 Electrical is something many of us are familiar with, but there are some older homes that have outdated panels.  They may work, but getting insurance on a house with one of these panels can be problematic.   Just another expense.

 Plumbing is plumbing but there are things to know.  For example, I had one house that had two cold water lines coming into the kitchen and a mini water heater under my sink.  Why?  Because the plumbing is under a slab in south Florida, and the builder had brought in two cold water lines.  It was livable but it helps to know.

 Your home inspector should look for cracks in the foundation, rotted wood, leaks, pests check windows, etc.  And you should ask questions so you understand how things work.  


 Mold is pretty common in South Florida because of the heat and humidity.  It's something we're keenly aware of.  There are different types of mold, some are worse than others.  Finding out if there is any mold may be huge to someone who it may make sick.  Inspectors do a visual test, but mold testing with air samples can be performed at a home inspection.  Results come from an independent lab.  


 If the house you're looking at has a pool, a pool inspection is a good idea.  Is the pool heated?  Does the heater work?  We had one inspection where a wall was collapsing.   The buyers said, "we'll fix it."  They wanted the house and were willing to take it with the problem.  But at least they knew the problem they were facing!


 I've been a Buyer's Agent for 17 years.  Only once have I had someone waive an inspection, and that was because they told me they were gutting the house and didn't care.  

 I'm not telling you to waive the inspection. In fact, I think it's a bad idea to waive an inspection.  It's risky.   A lot things can turn up in a house - leaks, open permits, pests, mold, and so on.  Ultimately, it's your decision.  

 You may be okay with waiving a home inspection.  Perhaps you're a contractor or handy person or can spend what it takes to fix things.  


 As a Buyer's Agent, do I think it's a good idea to waive a home inspection?  No, I really don't.  I think there are other things you can do to entice a seller to accept your offer.  A great Buyer's Agent can help you -  not the Listing Agent.  Simply stated, the listing agent works for the seller.  How can that possibly that help you?

 If you ultimately decide to waive a home inspection, then whatever problems exist, if any, become yours.   You inherit them.  That's really it.  

 Extremely low inventory and bidding wars have become the norm.  If you feel waiving an inspection is something you're comfortable with - and you have to be comfortable with it - then so be it.  It's okay.  Just know that you're buying a home without knowing a thing about it, except for what you see.  





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