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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Space Clean

Written by Posted On Saturday, 06 August 2016 05:01

Have you ever awoken on a Saturday morning, with the sun shining and the day full of potential?  Only to then realize that you had to clean your living space.  Is that really the way you want to start a weekend?  Spending your precious weekend time cleaning does not sound like nearly as much fun as spending time outside with your friends and/or family.  Well, we’re here to help you figure out ways to help you spend less time cleaning your living space, so you can enjoy more of your weekend time.

1)      Get rid of your Clutter Spaces

Often times, when we get home from a long day of work, we don’t want to deal with anything else that is going on in life.  Therefore, we typically have a space in our house that is the dumping ground for everything.  Then, when it comes time for cleaning, we have to deal with this mound of stuff which could be so high that it is tipping over.  Instead of having a mound of clutter, after you come home and have dinner and relax, you should go back to where you dropped everything when you came in, and deal with it.  Most of it more than likely junk mail or trash anyways, so just get rid of it right then and there, and don’t let it pile up.

2)      Doing Dishes

Here is something else that can spiral out of control pretty quickly.  If you let the dishes start to pile up in the sink for a couple of days, not only do you have a big mess, but you invite bugs and pests into your living space as well, which will create another problem to deal with in your already limited time.  Instead of waiting for a pile of dishes to accumulate, you should do all of your dishes at the end of each meal.  If you have a dishwasher, this just means that you should wash your dishes off, and put them in the dishwasher.  If you don’t have a dishwasher, then you just have to fill the sink up with hot water (maybe while you are sorting thru that junk mail we talked about earlier), and spend the five minutes to wash your dishes, rather than waiting until you have too many dishes for your dishrack to handle, and you stack the dishes precariously, hoping they don’t fall.

3)      Staying Motivated to Clean

Although there are a few strange souls in the world who truly enjoy cleaning, most of the world does not like to spend time cleaning.  This is why you should find something to help you pass the time while you are cleaning.  You could actually see about having your significant other, or a friend, or even your kids, help you with cleaning.  With almost anyone, you can make it a competition, and hardly anyone likes to lose at anything, plus you’ll get the cleaning done in ½ the time.  If it’s a friend, you can offer to help them clean their space if they help you clean yours.  If you can’t find anyone to help you clean, you could also turn the speakers up and listen to music or an audiobook, or possibly even whistle or sing aloud.  Although, we can’t promise that if you sing, you’ll get any help like Cinderella did when she was cleaning.  

4)      Have a Plan


By having a Cleaning plan, it’ll help you keep on track for what needs to be done on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  For Example, you don’t need to wash the baseboards nearly as often as you do dishes.  There is no perfect way to set a schedule; it’s all dependent on how often you want to have certain areas of your living space cleaned.  In addition, as you move forward with your schedule, you can move certain chores around to where it’s done on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly, and vice versa. 

5)      Don’t be a Hoarder

The easiest way to do less cleaning is if you have less stuff to clean.  The more objects and trinkets you have in your space, the longer it will take to dust.  The more furniture you have jammed into your living space, the longer it will take to vacuum under each piece of furniture.  If you have 8 chairs around your dining room table, but only use 2 on a consistent basis, then take the other chairs away and store them until you need them.  No need to clean something that is not being used. 


If, after all of this, you think it’ll still be easier to hire someone to come in and clean your space, you have the ability to do so.  There are plenty of companies that offer that service.  If you are looking for Cleaning Services in Chicago, or other cities.

You just have to punch in your zip code, and answer a few questions, and they will give you recommendations on which cleaning services are best for your situation.

At the end of the day, don’t waste any more of your precious weekend time by cleaning your living space.  Weekends are meant for fun and pleasure, so do what you need to in order maximize that time.


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