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6 Popular Ideas for Home Renovation that Will Make your House Beautiful

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 August 2016 10:42

Your home should be a place where you and your family are the happiest! The bedrooms should be cosy and comfortable, the bathrooms should be spick and span, the kitchen should be highly functional. However, over time our homes start to lose their lustre. The best way to rectify these problems is to renovate your home. Small changes throughout the house can make a huge difference.


Renovation can bring a lot of joy to you and your family. However, it is important to remember that to unleash your creative side you also need to put in a substantial amount of money to get long-lasting results. Renovation expenses include paying for the materials, the labour, and an interior decorator, if you plan on hiring one. Do a rough calculation of what your total expenditure will be. Once you have that figured out, check the amount of liquid cash you have.


If you are falling short, don’t worry! You can take a Personal Loan for Home Improvement. This will ensure that you don’t have to empty out your savings to renovate your home. Neither do you have to postpone the renovation plans to give yourself time to save up. Just go online and check out the interest rates that different banks are offering. Then use a loan interest calculator to calculate which lender is giving you the best deal. Apply for the loan to get quick cash, and then you can repay the money in monthly installments.


Now that you know how to get the capital, here is a look at six popular ideas to refresh and beautify your home:


1) Change the Interiors


The best way to give your house a facelift is to revamp the walls and floors. You should begin by choosing a theme for the entire house or choose multiple ones for all the different rooms. Themes give your home a personality.


The easiest way to renovate the current look of your home is to get the walls repainted. Fresh contemporary shades can really brighten up your place. You can also add texture to your walls to give it that extra edge. Also, don’t forget to paint the ceilings!



Dated flooring can make your house look dull. Why not replace the old floors and carpets with hardwood or stones or ceramic tiles? A shiny wooden floor in the living room looks sophisticated, whereas colourful tiles in the bathroom add an element of freshness.


2) Give the Kitchen a Makeover


The heart of your home is the kitchen. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we tend to neglect this room. We keep on using old appliances, rickety shelves and creaky cabinets, simply because we think that renovating the kitchen will be a complicated and expensive affair.


Well, a few days of hardship will give you a kitchen that you will fall in love with. The first step should be to replace old drawers and cabinet doors with hydraulic ones so that they open smoothly with a simple touch. Design your shelves in such a way that all your jars, cutlery, crockery, and wine bottles fit perfectly. Replace your dilapidated appliances with new energy-efficient ones. This will help save you money in the long run. If needed, replace the old counter top with a chic modern alternative, which matches the colour of your new cabinet doors. Your modern kitchen will be high in functionality, all the while adding a dash of luxury to your space.


3) Be Creative with the Under-Staircase Space!


In most houses, the space under the staircase is almost never put to good use. With a little bit of creativity, you can do so much with it. If you have frequent guests, why not build an extra bathroom? For those who work at home, this is a great place to turn into a small office. Book readers can add shelves to turn this space into a tiny library. Kids love little nooks and crannies to play in. If you have young children in the house, you can convert this area into a little secret room. They will spend hours playing in there! As for pet owners, why not make a little home for your dog or cat under the stairs?


There is a huge variety of things you can do to fully utilize this space. It is only limited by your imagination!


4) Upgrade the Outdoors!


If you are looking to make small changes to your outdoor space, you can start off by landscaping your lawn. If the front of your house is packed with greenery, why not add some flowering plants in colourful pots? You can also cut the shrubs in different heights and shapes, and place rocks and pebbles across the lawn to break up the greenery.



For bigger makeovers, install a fountain and make a pebbled walkway, to give it a fairytale effect. In the backyard, if you have enough space, you can build a deck and want make your house eco friendly then loan will help you to fulfil your dream. Place some classy but vibrant furniture and convert your outdoor living area into a fun space!



5) Give the Bathroom an Overhaul


Bathrooms are the first rooms in the house that start to show the signs of aging. Ugly water stains, rusty taps, stained tiles really make the bathroom an unwelcoming place. Brighten up your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint and some stylish new tiles. If your space is a little cramped, add small glass tiles. They reflect light and make the space look bigger. Get your countertops and bathroom fittings cleaned by a professional. Even better, replace with them newer models! Get matching accessories and your bathroom will look top notch.


6) Accessories and Light!


An average home can look absolutely extravagant with the right accessories and lighting. Replace white tube lights with yellow lamp chandeliers, and then hang mirrors around the house. The reflections will brighten up your home, while giving it a grander look. To add an artistic elegance to your abode, hang up paintings that match your taste. You can go with the classics or opt for modern art.



These six ideas should help you to start planning your renovation project. Just remember to do some quick calculations on the interest calculator and then apply for the Personal Loan. Within a couple of days from application, you’ll be able to begin the renovations!

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