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How to clean your house so you could sell it faster

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 04 October 2016 13:19
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How to clean your house so you could sell it faster



To sell your house faster you should make it attractive to potential customers. This means removing items belonging to you and your family that speak about your personality. Make the house de-cluttered, cleaned and neutral so that the majority of the buyers will like it. Here you will learn how to clean your house so that you can sell it faster and at a better price. Cleaning is necessary and very important to make the rooms, furniture and soft upholstery look pricey and attractive. 


First you can look around in the rooms and check for items which don't have to be in the house. Remove all knick-knacks and items which only take space and will obstruct the cleaning. The shelves, cupboards and all surfaces have to be as clear as possible. Remove items which speak of your personality and family. People need to imagine that the rooms will belong to them before buying a property. So take the necessary time to remove all small items and possessions. Check if the property needs any repairs or refreshing and provide them. You can paint some of the walls or do other appropriate changes. 


Now you can start with the cleaning. You can either do it with the help of other family members or use the services of professionals. When cleaning spend more time in the rooms which the buyers will want to see – kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room. Try to look at each room as a potential buyer – what catches the eye, what can be done to improve it. If you notice a dirty area when you enter the room start the cleaning from it. Then, move from top to bottom and from left to right. Don't neglect any surface.


The kitchen and bathroom need more thorough cleaning so, focus on them. Use suitable cleaning products and abrasives which are very effective in removing of stubborn grime like food particles and greasy residue from sinks and surfaces. Don't use abrasive cleaners on easily scratched surfaces like solid worktops, natural stone and laminate. Apply liquid and gel sterilising products on such areas which are less abrasive.


Apply spray cleaners on small areas like worktops, liquids or powders dissolved in water on larger surfaces like walls or floors. After mopping the floors they can appear gloomy or dirty from the residue of cleaning solution when they are actually clean. To prevent this rinse the floor right after cleaning it or use products which don't need rinsing. 


It is very important to remove mould and mildew from the bathroom. Potential buyer will certainly look for them aware of the illnesses which they can cause. Apply any liquid bleach or cleaner containing bleach that will remove stains from shower curtains and doors and from the grout. Use any cleaning product which doesn't leave streaks to clean the mirrors, windows and shower doors. A glass cleaner or a multi-purpose cleaner can do the work. Use a small squeegee to wipe the walls of the bathroom and rinse the tub well. Dry the facets and handles to protect the sink from spots.


Provide deep cleaning of the carpets. Potential buyers will appreciate if the carpets are refreshed, pleasantly scented and don't have any odours. Either hire professionals like MainCleaners to provide the cleaning or rent a cleaning machine to do the work yourself. 


If you are in a hurry you can use disposable wipes to clean the toilet bowl and the kitchen areas quickly. Use a scented cleaner to refresh the toilet bowl and apply it every night. In the morning the bathroom will smell pleasantly. 


You should dust and vacuum all rooms, clean the curtains and blinds. Use all-purpose and non-abrasive cleaning products. When cleaning spacious vertical surfaces start from the bottom and move up in circular motion. If you can't afford to repaint surfaces make sure they don't have fingerprints, stains or dirt. Clean and rinse them well. 





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