5 Latest Roofing Technologies You Can Choose From

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A roof of a house or a commercial building is the first line of defense. As every day it is  exposed to weather and other harsh elements, that contribute towards its decay and deterioration. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the most vulnerable parts of the building. In order to protect the building, repairing or replacing it alone is sometimes just not enough.

With time, the roofing industry requires a technological advancements to create roofs that are more sturdy in nature. Over the years there have been significant advancements. Though, most of the people fail to recognize them in this particular industry. Therefore, given below is the list of 5 latest roofing technologies we believe everyone needs to be aware about.

1. Green roofing 

The Green roof system is said to be an extension of the existing roof. It involves a high quality of water proofing, root repellant & drainage system, a lightweight growing medium and plants. In general terms, it incorporates many aspects of energy efficiency. But, the benefits of this technology still remain poorly understood in North America in comparison to the European countries. It does require a lot of maintenance, but the best part is that it can be repaired quite easily.

2. Cool roofing

Cool roofing is a mere reflective coating of a material that permits the roof to reflect back the warmth and heat from the sun, back into the environment without retaining it. Due to this very reason, it can enhance the roof durability and simultaneously reduce building cooling loads as well as the urban heat island effect. For years, cool roofs have been either been white or of some other lighter shade. But, due to the dynamic change in the recent few years, cool roof materials in dark, rich hues have qualified the levels of solar reflectivity too.

3. Flat roofing

Flat roofing has been around for a while. And, since then there have been quite an advancement in it. Now, there are newer types of flat roofing made of PVC and TPO fabrics available. They are far more durable and water proof than they were a decade ago. For this very reason, flat roofing in Maryland has especially been very popular for the commercial use. However, now the people have even begun to use it for the residential purpose as well. The reason being it is far easier to maintain and when it comes to flat roof repair in Maryland, people just love it.

4. Insulation

Over the years, insulation technology has evolved to include woven fiberglass and polymeric materials. Such materials provide perfect insulation for all types of homes to ensure enhanced protection. Thus, for a roof to perform successfully over the years, insulation has become an integral part of the roof assembly. This one choice decides that there does not occur unnecessary energy cost.

 5. Fireproof roofing

Technology has made a significant advance in fireproof coatings. Today they can be availed in several options to protect the roof from the fire. However, there is no doubt about the fact that roof made of tiles, slates or metal do stand a good chance of avoiding fire damages. But, they do escalate the intensity of a fire in the house. Keeping that in mind, the fireproof technology was heavily invested in. The companies, on the other hand, are also considering  volcanic rocks to stop the generation and spreading of the flames. As they require a lot of heat to begin the reaction.

So, the next time you look out to replace, install or get a roof repair in Maryland or anywhere else. Do consider these advanced technologies to invest in. Because safety should be on top of the list of your priorities.


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