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4 Affordable DIY Home Improvement Projects for Renters

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 December 2016 16:37

For most millennials and post-grads, renting is the norm. It's more affordable, less permanent, and allows you to experience living in several different places. However, renting means that the apartment needs to look the same when you move out as it did when you moved in. For renters looking to customize their homes without doing too much permanent damage, here are four affordable home improvement projects you'll be excited to get started on.

Cover Up Unsightly Walls with a Tapestry or Curtains

Before letting new tenants in, the landlord tends to have the place cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint added. However, sometimes even new paint can't repair an unsightly wall.

If the walls of your apartment are less than ideal to look at, consider covering them up with curtains or an interesting tapestry. You can find the right tapestry or curtains for your space online after you take the necessary measurements. When it comes to hanging, get creative. You can have the tapestry framed and then hung securely to avoid making too many holes in the wall. Or, you can screw in a bar close to the ceiling to hang the curtains from for a modern, yet simple look.

Add Shelving to Free Up Space

Every young renter knows the value of free space in an apartment. To help monopolize on all the space available in your apartment, consider adding shelves to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Whether it's a few hooks in your bathroom for towels and bath robes or a few floating shelves in your bedroom, these small additions can have a huge impact on freeing up space. Help eliminate the objects taking up room on your floor by installing a few shelves and you'll be amazed by the difference.

Paint an Accent Wall 

Image via Flickr by mauxditty

One easy way to make your living room or bedroom pop is to paint an accent wall. Painting an entire room in your apartment gets pricey and might be too much for a smaller space. Painting an accent wall eliminates the possibility of being overwhelmed by the color, while also making your space look more inviting, modern and expensive. Experiment with stripes or shapes for an unexpected, unique look.

Create Your Own Rolling Bar Cart

Most young renters pass on having a bar due to the lack of space. There's just not enough room on the kitchen counters or in the cabinets for it. However, what you can do is create your own rolling bar cart. For those who love hosting parties, this is a must-have DIY home improvement project. It's less daunting than it sounds, and a rolling bar cart makes the perfect addition to any party or social gathering at your new home. Check out this helpful tutorial for all the detailed instructions you'll need.


Have fun with your rental apartment by trying one of these affordable DIY home improvement projects. With just a few hours, you can transform your rental into a customized spot that really feels like a home with minimal damage.

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