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How Mobile Technology Helps in Real Estate Marketing

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 December 2016 11:13

A growing number of customers are being familiar to use their mobile phones as their most important and sometimes only device for a large number of their communications for individual and business use. Even though baby boomers (45 years old and above) still choose computers over mobile phones (51% vs. 21% correspondingly), Gen Yers (18 to 24 years old) choose their mobile phones on their computers (47% vs. 38% correspondingly). According to a recent study, This may not look like sufficient to vigor real estate experts to shift their interest to mobile marketing, but this trend is increasing faster and faster as better, smarter and more economical mobile phones carry on to inundate the market.

As a real estate expert, you must start planning out your long-term plans to make safe your prospective success in the industry. As it is with any business, the primary to market is generally the most well-obtained and kept in the mind, which means if you are one of the first person to promote your real estate business on the devices that are trading by the millions every year, then your business will be very well located now and in the next few years.

Mobile marketing is the prospect and we are going to describe you how to use it to help you in growing your real estate business.

How Does Mobile Marketing affect Real Estate?

The real estate industry is one of the best when using new technology and new forms to advertise product. This has offered real estate expert various tools to help their business in promoting, selling, tracking and managing present as well as prospective clients effectively.

One of the most essential and helpful tools of the business has been the mobile phone, more particularly, the smart phones such as Google Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC Touch, etc. These devices have altered the background of getting and selling in real estate. More significantly, they have become necessary for real estate professionals looking to promote their services as successfully as feasible. Mobile phones offer two key opportunities to realtors when developing exposure and branding in all the appropriate ways.

Real Estate agents tend to be first movers when it comes to using new technology. And, what needs to occur now is that they must use this approach when marketing to prospective clients. This doesn’t mean holding back traditional marketing methods completely. But, it is definite that more attention will be paid to a mobile marketing strategy in the coming years. Because, amount of prospective home buyers using mobile search will continue to grow.

The integration of mobile marketing in real estate is quite a straight forward approach. And, unlike some other businesses doesn’t need much change in the manner business is done.

With the real estate business, the signage and advertising is already in place. So, the main problem is the development of a mobile website or app that shows all of your properties. After that, making sure the prospective client for your home listing is able to simply read your details.

Text Messaging / SMS

People like their mobile phones. But, one thing that they might like the most about them is the ability to text message. We like to get information as quickly as possible and in the easiest form. Text messaging and bulk SMS allows us to interact with just a few sentences that we can send almost quickly.

Use of text messaging or SMS is growing between home buyer / seller and Realtor. It allows both sides to interact effectively and often without much problem. Like email drip marketing, there is automation in text messaging or SMS also takes place.

Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile phone users spend maximum time on their devices. One of the main uses of these phones (iPhone, Google Phone, Blackberry, etc), is to peruse the Internet. Mobiles provide yet another thing for consumers that a real estate company should capitalize to get maximum exposure.

It is also important to note that many websites' designs do not work with every mobile phone like a computer. For instance, your website may not work at all on an iPhone, particularly if it is 100% Flash. This means you will either look for a service to develop a mobile version of your website for you.

Mobile marketing provides the agent with an ability to be in quick communication with a prospective client. It creates a more communicative environment by giving you access straight to the prospective home buyer on their mobile phone. Assume how much effective your communication can be when you are approaching the customer nearly 100% of the time.

So, when buyers need to make a decision, agents should provide them something valuable to develop trust. They must remember that customers make decisions based on convenience, trust, and economics.


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