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Great article from CNBC about Snowbirds making the move to warmer weather

Written by Posted On Thursday, 29 December 2016 16:40
snowman snowman
Great article from CNBC
Need help with your snowbird move?
Blue to Green Realty....from the sea to the 18th tee
Jacquie Yekmalian
Real Estate Broker/Owner
Serving Florida Real Estate since 2000


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Jacquie Yekmalian

Unlike many Realtors® who decide to enter a career in real estate by immediately becoming a salesperson, Jacquie began her journey from the ground up. By working in numerous areas of the real estate field, she built a solid foundation which would prepare her for success as a Realtor®.

Jacquie worked for a title company for two years and gained a unique perspective on the attention to detail necessary to successfully close a real estate transaction.

For a number of years, Jacquie also worked as an assistant for several very successful Realtors®and gained invaluable experience in real estate marketing, resolving problems that arise during the sale process and most importantly, what it takes to successfully guide a client through the closing process.

This detailed knowledge and experience proved invaluable when Jacquie started Florida Real Assist, a company designed to assist Realtors® with their transactions, from contract to closing. Florida Real Assist handled all the details for her clients and proved a perfect fit for Jacquie's people skills, organization and attention to detail.  Since 2000 Jacquie has been on the board of the Realtor Association of Palm Beaches ethics board.  

By the time Jacquie decided to become a licensed Realtor®, she had worked in every segment of the real estate industry, giving her a distinct advantage over those agents who entered the field with no prior real estate experience.

When it comes to your buying or selling your home, arguably your most important investment, you deserve attention to detail, dedication, passion, and most importantly, experience from the ground up.

Let Jacquie's experience work for you!

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