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Written by Posted On Tuesday, 24 January 2017 17:07

In the dynamic and competitive world of real estate, you strive to be seen. And when potential buyers see you; you strive to be relevant.

If you want to get ahead and stay on top, pay attention to these three areas, as part of your real estate marketing campaign.

(Re)Target Your Audience

You know your market, but do you know your customers? Getting in touch, and staying in touch - with your target audience is the key to more efficient marketing. If you haven’t collected their email addresses, start today. If you have an email list, start a newsletter campaign with smart tips.  Communicating knowledge keeps the conversation going and provides your audience with useful information.

Mostly though, targeted email marketing helps you understand them better. Maybe you got a 95% response rate from last month’s short survey while almost nobody signed up for the hourly give-away event. (Hint: the frequency with which you blast them emails and promotions may turn them off. Don’t burden your audience with too much!)  As you learn what gets them to engage and what turns them off you can adapt your approach accordingly.

In 2016, Millennials officially surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation. If you’re really interested in expanding your reach– get to know this group. They’re shopping for first homes- so you’ll want to be first on their minds when they need advice. What’s on their list? A dream home or walking distance to the grocery store? (But wait- a grocery store or a farmer’s market?)  Your success depends on showing these clients what they want. And it might not be what you think!

Be the Local Expert

Chances are, your feel like you get a better deal when you go straight to the source. In real estate, consumers demand a specialized, local experience when it comes to working with agents. For example, if someone is trying to “sell my house fast fresno,” they will want to work with someone that has knowledge of the area and market values.

Getting your audience to fall in love with the area may not seem as important as getting them to fall in love with a property – but it is! People want to know what’s happening within the community and if they’re coming from out of town you can bet they want to familiarize themselves with the locale in addition to the features of a new home.

Publish a post on your website highlighting local charities or schools’ activities. Maybe you display a community events calendar. Tons of hiking and biking in the area? Offer a downloadable map or create an infographic that lists the top ten trails or best repair shops. 

Create a video tour of a popular restaurant or coffee house.  Positioning yourself as the resident expert creates trust. While they may not admit it, or realize it of themselves - consumers want advice from a real person rather than having to sort through comments and star ratings. Spare them the hassle of Yelp reviews and become their source for local information.

Go Live with Video

Here’s the forecast: in 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will come from video. In other words: video content isn’t optional. It must be an integral part of your real estate marketing plan.

Most people don’t make videos because they assume it will take too much time, money and equipment to get started. It does require resources but the real question is: can you afford not giving your audience what they want?

Pre-recorded content is fine but if you want to be competitive, start experimenting with live video. What’s the difference?

There’s a bad storm on the day you’re hosting open house. You can offer to reschedule and send prospective buyers a pre-recorded video of the property so they have at least have something to bite on while waiting to reschedule. Or, don’t cancel, and suggest they stay out of the storm but still take the tour- virtually! With Facebook Live you can walk them through the house and answer questions along the way, in real time. It may not close the deal but it does inspire trust about who you are and how hard you’ll work for them. Not to mention, they’ll be even more curious to see in person what you’re selling.

As part of a truly elevated video strategy, consider incorporating fly-over photography and video. Invest in a drone and amaze home buyers with unmatched footage. Set your listings apart from the rest with interesting angles in high-resolution.



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