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4 Reasons to Own a Home in Southern California

Written by Posted On Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:34

Southern California has a population of over 22.6 million people, which is nearly three times the number of residents in New York City. People flock to California because it is a wonderful place to live. Just consider these four reasons to own a home in Southern California. By the time you're done, you'll want to browse available houses online to see which properties interest you most.


Perfect Weather That Contributes to Your Health

Southern California's beautiful weather makes it one of the best places in the world to live. The weather in Southern California rarely reaches extreme temperatures. Even during August, the hottest month of the year, temperatures rarely rise above 79 degrees Fahrenheit. During December, the coldest month, temperatures usually stay between 50 and 67 degrees F. In weather like this, you can enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Living in a place with perfect weather can contribute to your health. Medical researchers know that extreme temperatures put a lot of pressure on human cardiovascular systems. Cities that have extremely cold winters usually see increased numbers of heart attacks between December and March. When you live in Southern California, you get to avoid that. Plus, the wonderful weather makes it easy to go outside to exercise daily.

The Best Burritos in the World

Sorry, Mexico, but Southern California has perfected the burrito. Practically every street in San Diego has a burrito stand serving delicious carne asada and cheese wrapped in flour tortillas. In Los Angeles, you'll find an even wider range of burrito styles. Locals will argue over which style tastes best — but they're all amazing in their own way.

By purchasing a home in Southern California, you get to enjoy some of the world's best burritos whenever you want. Of course, the area has other types of restaurants that are equally as good. When it comes to getting a filling meal at a low price, a burrito is a great option.

Running Into Famous People

Many people feel star-struck shortly after moving to Southern California. Practically every major celebrity has a home in Los Angeles, so you will run into them from time to time. Celebrities, after all, like to go out to restaurants, bars, and retail stores as much as other people do.

Over time, you'll get used to seeing minor celebrities. Eventually, you won't even notice them, and you'll think that you've gotten over your infatuation with celebrity culture. At some point, though, you will see a truly famous person, such as Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, or Jennifer Lawrence. Once you spot them on the street, you'll immediately feel the awe you thought you'd lost.

If you're lucky, you may even get to have a brief conversation with your favorite actors or musicians. Just don't take up too much of their time, since they're trying to run errands or enjoy the day just like you are. You don't want to become a nuisance to someone you admire.

The Incredible Brewery Scene

Southern California has become the craft brew capital of the United States, if not the world. The craft brewing trend got its start in San Diego County more than 20 years ago when breweries such as Stone started making extremely hoppy beers for sophisticated palates. Since the 1990s, beer has helped make Southern California a major tourist destination for imbibers who want to visit their favorite breweries.

Although San Diego still has a lead over Los Angeles in the craft beer industry, L.A. has its fair share of breweries to visit. Some favorites include Beachwood Brewing, Smog City Brewing Co, Monkish Brewing Co, and Highland Park Brewery. If you enjoy beer, you'll love spending time at these breweries.


Southern California has always been an attractive place to live. The sooner you buy a home there, the sooner you can start enjoying the beautiful weather, celebrity sightings, and innovative food and drink.


Image via Flickr by ahisgett

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