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3 Reasons to Choose Glass Fencing

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 February 2017 07:08
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The backyard should feel like a haven, a special place where you can go to unwind under your favorite tree or soak up the sun. If you are remodeling the floor plan of your backyard in hopes of opening and expanding your outdoor living space, consider replacing exterior railing systems or pool safety fencing with frameless glass fencing.

Here are three reasons to choose glass fencing:

#1: It’s Dependable.

Safety is the number one reason we have barriers up in the first place. Whether you’re installing glass fencing around the pool or glass railing systems throughout the interior or around the exterior of the property, choosing materials like glass that are climb resistant with smooth polished edges is a must. Glass gates with self-closing latches keeps the pool entrance closed, ensuring the safety of small children and pets. Having a glass fence that meets height requirements for pool safety codes also works in keeping the kids out of the pool area.

#2: It’s Durable.

Glass fencing that is made of thick tempered or laminated glass, built to code, and mounted with stainless steel clamps, will last for years. This type of glass fencing is weather resistant, standing strong through the colder months with little maintenance.

#3: It’s Dazzling.

For homeowners, glass fencing modernizes the property with a sleek and simplified design, as well as opens the space making it more inviting. If you’re thinking about installing glass fencing, choose a company that is able to install fencing and railing systems onto a variety of surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile, or dirt. For home sellers and home buyers, glass fencing raises your property value as glass is upscale and pleasing to look at versus solid, mesh, and barred fencing.

Usually the fun part of remodeling is the design, the colors, the style, and the execution. We want it to look good, but barriers are sometimes not taken into consideration when recreating a space. Most people fail to put much thought into this part of remodeling and put more focus on the little things – though the little things could be seen better if their view was not obstructed by solid barriers. Glass fencing and glass railing systems remove the clutter and open up your outdoor living area. These space saving glass fences work for your backyard to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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