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Realtors Guide to Northbridge Massachusetts

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 February 2017 15:38

The small town of Northbridge draws all types of home buyers within its borders – from professionals looking to get out of the major city centers to new families wanting the peace and quiet of small town life. There are a lot of things to appreciate about Northbridge, which helps explain why it remains a popular moving destination for many.

Things to love about Northbridge Mass

History – Like so many towns in this part of the country, Northbridge has a rich history. The area was desirable to settlers, both Native American and later European, due to the rivers that flow through it. The Blackstone River pushes through Northbridge as do two of its tributaries. The ebb and flow of these rivers left rich deposits ideal for farming. The Native American group that resided in the area at the time European settlers arrived was the Nipmuc, a tribe that utilized agriculture and tools.

They also hunted extensively and even mined graphite at Sturbridge. The first recorded settlement by Europeans occurred in 1704, with incorporation happening in 1772. Early residents of Northbridge were involved in many of the events that led to the creation and the later growth of the United States. Colonel John Spring was a company leader in the Revolutionary war, fighting at the head of a number of men from Massachusetts.

Men from the area participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Siege of Boston and the Invasion of Canada.

Real estate – It is possible to find some great deals for real estate in Northbridge. Because the town is a fair distance from Boston, you can expect to find some affordable home prices and a decent amount of space for your real estate dollar. Northbridge has a number of options, including affordable condominiums, single-family homes and more expensive properties targeted towards executive-style living.

The key to finding the best deal in Northbridge is picking a real estate agent that is familiar with the area right now. Working with a highly recommended Northbridge MA Real Estate agent is paramount to your success. Having someone with loads of experience in your corner is always a good thing. Fortunately for me I have been successfully selling real estate in the Northrbridge area for over thirty years. Not only have I been in the business for quite a long time but also one of the top performing Realtors in Massachusetts.

The market is constantly changing and there is no substitute for current experience. When you want to find a deal that cannot be beat, you will need a Realtor that has been buying and selling in Northbridge for a long time – and doing a good job of it. Having someone that many know and trust helps when selling real estate. Having been in the business so long, many view me as a real estate authority in the Metrowest Massachusetts area. If you want to relocate to a small town where you know your neighbors and are removed from the worst of the big-city chaos, Northbridge might be the perfect option for you. Find a real estate agent you can trust and start looking now.

Manufacturing – When the era of manufacturing hit the country Northbridge was in the thick of it, using its access to the Blackstone river and the Mumford river to establish major industries and build a fair bit of wealth. The Whitin Machine Shop was the most notable of these companies, producing textile machines in such volume that it became the largest of such manufacturers for a time. This industry was noteworthy enough to be included in Harvard's history of business studies.

Northbridge was one of a number of major mill villages in Massachusetts – an industry that became so huge that labor had to be imported from other countries to fill the demand. Workers came from nearby Canada, but also from further away – including from Armenia and the Netherlands. Some of the descendants of these mill workers can still be found in the area today. Like so many things, the industry faded over time. Some of the manufacturing facilities remain, buildings that have been re-purposed for residential use and for local businesses. The mill period can still be seen in the architecture of these districts. Efforts are being made to preserve this heritage.

The Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission works to preserve this history throughout the area. This was the first major industrial region in the U.S., making its preservation important for people now and in the future.

Location – The town in located in the heart of Worcester County Massachusetts. Depending on where you work, Northbridge is ideally located for commute into larger Massachusetts cities. Worcester is quite close by and Boston can be reached on the interstate for those willing to make the commute. It is also possible to travel into Boston by rail if you want to travel to nearby Grafton. Northbridge is a suburban town that is a bit off the beaten path. It is far enough from the major metropolitan areas to provide the kind of small-town vibe and insulation from major cities that many consider it a perfect town to raise a family.

The perfect town to live in is a matter of personal preference, but there are certainly people who find Northbridge's location perfect for the balance they want between small town and big city.

Size – With just over 15,000 residents as of the most recent census, Northbridge is certainly not a big town. For many though, this is a definite selling point. Students in area schools enjoy a 14:1 ration of teachers to students. People in area neighborhoods get to know each other.

You can travel across town in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a small town, Northbridge definitely fits that description. If you are looking for a community that offers reasonable home pricing then Northbridge is a town you should investigate and potentially call home!

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