5 Reasons to Purchase Crystal City Condos

Written by Posted On Friday, 28 April 2017 06:56
Pentagon-Crystal City Pentagon-Crystal City

Here are five of the biggest reasons that people purchase condos in Crystal City, Virginia when they come free, which isn’t easy as the turnover rate is really low!

1. Proximity to the Pentagon and DC: Crystal City has a magical name, a name that evoked the image of sparkling buildings and a shining vista. The place is named Crystal City for good reason, the Pentagon is extremely close and the Capital of the nation is only a short distance away, and the city itself is a beacon of high rises, condos, apartment complexes and businesses. But many people that call Crystal City home work in the defense industry, in the government, or at the Pentagon, so as you can imagine, the area is not only nice and peaceful, but extremely safe.

2. Business Center located Right in Crystal City: While the Pentagon and DC are located nearby, these bastions of government defense and activity require businesses to operate. Aside from the many government contracting businesses, Crystal City is home to the families of many people who help Administrate and protect this great nation, so Crystal City is a fully functional, unique city, with a flavor all its own.

3. Property Values: The leaders who work in and around the nation’s Capital, at the Pentagon and the people who do business with those leaders are all quite affluent. They work hard and perform great services to society and to their country, and they expect the standards of their community to meet certain expectation. Crystal City could meet the expectations of royalty. The property values there are among the highest in Virginia and the nation, and they tend to appreciate in value at a very healthy pace.

4. Excellent Shopping and Restaurants: The busy business district of downtown Crystal City isn’t simply populated with defense contractors, government supply companies and law firms and lobbyists. Crystal City is a small city but it is a thriving little nexus of people, with thousands of people coming through daily thanks to the proximity to the Pentagon and downtown DC. There is a plethora of fantastic shopping centers, stores and eateries, with fantastic food coming from all types of cuisine.

5. Fantastic Mass Transit System: This may not be a huge selling point to someone who has never visited the Capital of the free world, but for those of us who have ever been caught in DC during rush hour or tried to find a parking spot midday downtown, we know what traffic is like in Washington. It gives nightmares bad dreams. There is exceptional Mass Transit availability in and around Crystal City, including bus systems, the Metro, even a nearby airport if you need to get away from the city.

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