How to Clean Out a Foreclosed Home

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Buying a foreclosed home has its perks, namely that you can typically snag one at a much lower price than other homes on the market. With a foreclosed home, though, comes renovations and repairs. Before entering a foreclosed home, be prepared to fully clean it out and work to restore it to its original form. When tenants vacate a foreclosed home, often times trash and even furniture is left behind, meaning the new residents will be responsible for handling the clean up. Here are some tips for making your foreclosed home look like new again.

Utilize a Junk Removal Service

Trash all trash, with the help of a commercial junk removal service. Leave it to the pros to remove all clothes, furniture, and other items the previous tenants may have left upon their departure. Find a professional junk removal company who will come to you and haul out all unwanted items. Be sure to work with them in the beginning stage of your cleaning process. Once they have removed all junk, you will be better able to determine what deep cleaning and repairs are still needed.

Examine the Interior

After you have unveiled all necessary repairs, it’s time to get to work. Use your best judgement as to whether you want to fix them up yourself, or put your trust in a handyman to take care of the job.  If the house is carpeted, steam clean all floor surfaces - or simply remove the carpets entirely if they are beyond repair. Carefully check to make sure the electricity and plumbing is working throughout the home. If you notice any issues, you will want to get a professional to handle large scale repairs. Minor touch-ups such as painting and fixing light fixtures are safe to do yourself, and are important steps as you work to restore the home.

Ensure Security

Before you get knee-deep in repairs, it is best to update all home security to ensure you are the only one with access to the home. Update all the locks, and double-check other means of access. While you are maintaining security measures, also determine if other safety assets are needed - like updated windows or roof repairs. Use your best judgement to decide if these are updates you can make, and if not find the appropriate person to help.

Get Professionals to Handle Toxic Waste

If the previous residents had pets living in the house, or if there were people squatting in it prior to your purchase, it is possible that there may be fecal matter lying around. You might also come across other toxic material that has accrued since the house has not been properly maintained. You will certainly want to remove all toxic material in the home, but it is best to work with a professional who is equipped to properly rid the matter and disinfect the space.

Maintain the Exterior

It is just as important to update the exterior of the house as it is the inside. Over time, nature will have taken over, so examine how you can restore the value of the yard. Mow any visible lawn, and remove weeds and overgrown plants as you see fit. Consider hiring a landscaper who can help plant and mulch the yard to enhance the aesthetic.

Start with these steps and your foreclosed home will b 

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