Going Green Is About More Than Just Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 March 2018 19:37

So you're thinking about renovating your home and, while you're at it, you want to make your home more environmentally friendly. There many ways you can do this and not all of them will cost a small fortune. In fact, some can be economical and easy to do, though the effects will be long-lasting.


Replacing Big Appliances

For households interested in going green and in saving money, bringing in new appliances is one of the first things they consider. If your appliances are older, this is definitely the time to replace them. Examine dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. that have the Energy Star logo to determine which models offer the best savings on energy consumption. Not only will this save you money on your utility bills, but it will reduce your family's carbon footprint.


Buy Reclaimed Wood Products

When shopping for new furniture, look for items that were constructed from reclaimed wood. This may mean buying from local shops instead of the big chains, which will also benefit your community's economy. Reclaimed wood is that which has been previously used in another construction and has been salvaged to be made into furniture and other wood products. Again, this is a choice that will help reduce your household's carbon footprint.


Moving the Old Stuff Out

Very likely, you'll be replacing your furniture and other big items with new, all-natural alternatives. For instance, you might consider replacing your old bedding with a new latex mattress. This begs the question of what to do with those unwanted items. Instead of having everything hauled away to the dump, where it will contribute to the growing landfill problem, try selling those things at a yard sale. You can reinvest the earnings in your planned renovations. If anything is left over, consider donating it, before giving up and letting the trash collectors take it.


Invest in Mother Nature's Own Air Purifier

An air purifier can be a great way to ensure cleaner air, especially if you or another family member suffers from allergies. However, running an electric air purifier also puts a drain on your energy consumption. Instead, try bringing in more houseplants and arrange them in rooms throughout the house. Certain plants, such as the spider plant, perform the same functions as the electric alternative, but is friendlier for the environment. Additionally, they can add a splash of color to every room.


Try Out Smart Technology

This is a more costly option, but can mean long-term savings on money and energy usage. Smart home devices now allow you to control everything from door locks to lighting to temperature control from your mobile device. This means you can turn off these items when no one is at home and arrange to have them turn back on about 30 minutes before you return back home. This is helping many families reduce their energy usage without sacrificing comfort.


Ditch the Harmful Chemicals

There was a time when a strong bleach or ammonia cleaner was the only thing that could do a thorough cleaning job. Today, there are many green alternatives that are just as effective, but don't expose your environment harmful toxins. This means there's less of a risk of lung damage, as well as being ecologically friendly. Even the big chain stores now offer a wide selection of cleaning products that are made from natural products, making them biodegradable.


Start Your Own Garden

You can reduce your spending and eat healthier by starting your own vegetable and fruit garden. The obvious advantage is that your family will have a sustainable source of food products that can save on monthly grocery bills. Additionally, you can also win by eating natural alternatives to the strong pesticides used by commercial growers, and you'll know your family won't be ingesting those toxins anymore.


There's no limit to the ways in which you can make your home more eco-friendly and more cost-efficient. Combining these two advantages can help you feel better about your contributions to our carbon footprint and leave more money in your pocket to do the things you enjoy. Updating your home like this can also be fun, so look for inventive ways to get the most out of your eco-friendly renovations.

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